Pressure builds up as the quarter finals hits the Big Switch Camp!


~ Catch the amusing egg-fight between the Raeeszade as they switch on their fun mode~




The Raeeszaade are struck by the downpour and thundering, adding to their miseries of the weather conditions. The contestants are woken up by heavy rains in turn testing them but the show must go on! After the rain stops, they set out to conquer the quarterfinals of Big Switch 4. Last time was a close escape for Preetpal and Jasica. Will their situation be in jeopardy this time as well?

As the show enters in the quarterfinals the task gets messier and tougher. This time around, Raeeszaade hit the dust, sweating it out in the sudden scorching heat to face the next task of Brick Making. After the tough task, Big Brother has a sweet surprise for them bringing out their emotional side.

The following day is the elimination and this time it’s different with a twist of lime which will end up testing strong friendships and more. Will the game change the terms of friendship? Will they put up a good fight to win the task? Who will stay and who will leave the big hunt for the strongest Raeeszaade? All these questions will unfold as the episode reaches the end.


To find out tune in to Big Switch 4 this Sunday, 24th March 2013, at 7pm only on bindass!





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