Easthampton, MA — February 1, 2016 - Presentation Training Institute is pleased to announce that they have secured a series of presentation training courses with Physicians around the country. “We were delighted to be contacted by a valued client of ours to deliver a series of presentation training courses to their Physicians in various locations throughout the US” remarks Lauren O’Boyle, Training Coordinator and Chief Customer Liaison for Presentation Training Institute. “We have worked with this global medical device company before and were honored to be asked to train their Physicians and Field Reps” she adds.

The presentation training courses offered by Presentation Training Institute are extremely interactive and experiential giving the participant the tools and skills necessary to not only craft a strong presentation, but deliver it with confidence and projection. “This client has requested that their presentation training course include a Feedback Coach as well. This Coach will augment the experience by delivering specific and expert feedback to the participant after each presentation training video exercise” mentions Suzanne Guthrie, Co-founder of the Presentation Training Institute. “This feedback is essential for making progress throughout the course of the presentation skills training program” she adds.

The Presentation Training Institute strongly encourages adding a Feedback Coach to the presentation training course when the group is small and in need of significant skills advancement. The Coach works closely with the lead Instructor to make sure that each participant gets the most out of the presentation training course.

“Next month, we will be delivering two simultaneous presentation training courses, Executive Presentations to groups of six participants each. Each program will have a lead Instructor and Feedback Coach to ensure that these Physicians, Field Reps and key Company Contacts have the skills necessary to deliver strong and influential presentations on the company’s new medical device” outlines Ms. O’Boyle.

Each presentation training course delivered by Presentation Training Institute is essentially custom in that the participants will practice delivering a presentation that relates to their role or industry. “In this case, the participants will be practicing and honing their presentations on this innovative and ground-breaking medical device. The presentation has to be strong and powerful and that is where our talented Faculty come in” Ms. O’Boyle adds.

“Through a combination of instruction, demonstration & practice, participants in this experiential presentation training course will finesse their Executive presentation skills and be able to deliver clear, concise and influential presentations to audiences in the medical field all around the country”.

About Presentation Training Institute
Established as a global learning company Presentation Training Institute, and its parent company Bold New Directions, strives to involve participants in experiential presentation training courses that transform the way they perform at work. The Presentation Training Institute provides services to a diverse client base consisting of organizations in banking, health care, financial services, technology, manufacturing and higher education.

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