Easthampton MA, April 16, 2013 — Presentation Training Institute announces a new presentation skills training program designed to help negotiators present with more persuasion: Presentation Skills for Negotiators

Jim Hornickel, Co-Founder of the Presentation Training Institute and designer of the current presentation skills seminar series announced a new service for negotiators. “Negotiators in effect, are always presenting. Most have never taken a public speaking training course. But even if they have, a presentation skills training program specifically for use in negotiations has probably never crossed their paths. There are many presentation skills seminar classes out there, including our own. But a presentation skills training class just for negotiators is unheard of.”

Suzanne Guthrie, also Co-Founder of the Presentation Training Institute was enthusiastic about this newest presentation skills seminar. “You can find numbers of public speaking training course options in the marketplace. But as a negotiator, I have failed a few times to negotiate what I want because I have not used my presentation skills training to best use. The difference in our new option is that this presentation skills seminar is delivered from a negotiators perspective. The role plays and exercises during this presentation skills training program put immediate use to the presentation skills seminar skills taught.”

Peggy Rainwater is a senior faculty member with the Presentation Training Institute. But she has also taught negotiations for many years. “I took my first public speaking training course about 20 years ago. I built on that by participating in additional presentation skills training as I could. I then began to teach a presentation skills seminar. So from that deeply versed skill-set, I also began teach Negotiating Success for our sister company Negotiation Training Institute. When Suzanne and Jim announced that Presentation Skills for Negotiators was their newest presentation skills seminar, I immediately asked to be the first to teach it.”

Bob Torsey, another key faculty member and friend of Peggy’s playfully chimed in, “I told Peggy she could arm wrestle me for who got to teach this newest presentation skills training program first. I’ve taught a public speaking training course now and then and for years now have facilitated presentation skills training for professionals and specialized presentation skills seminar series for certain industries. But Presentation Skills for Negotiators is a presentation skills seminar whose time has come.”

Kristen Rossi, a younger member of the Presentation Training Institute’s team said that she attended her first public speaking training course during college. “I get nervous when presenting anyway but hugely shaky when it comes to negotiating. I wish I had been the one to think up this new presentation skills training class. I will be the first to sign up for this special presentation skills seminar”.

The bottom line is this; when you take a public speaking training course, it helps. When you enroll in a Presentations Training Institute presentation skills seminar, you go well beyond the field. But when you participate in the newest presentation skills seminar, Presentation Skills for Negotiators, you accelerate and magnify your persuasion skills for negotiations.

About Presentation Training Institute
Established as a global learning company Bold New Directions, and its offshoot division of Presentation Training Institute, strives to involve participants in experiential presentation skills training that transform the way they perform at work. Its diverse client base consists of banking, health care, government, financial services, technology, manufacturing and higher education.

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