Easthampton, MA — April 1, 2015 - The Presentation Training Institute announces that they will be unveiling a brand new website that will launch presentation training New York and presentation training San Francisco as marketing initiatives. Presentation Training in general is becoming highly desirable as Managers, Leaders and Executives are looking for ways to polish their presentation skills in order to be more effective in their respective roles. A new website will allow prospective clients to view detailed content about the various Presentation and Communication programs offered by PTI and parent company, Bold New Directions.Presentation training New York and presentation training San Francisco are new initiatives to appeal to clients in those key cities.

In addition to small private group trainings, we have also introduced an Executive Presentation Coaching option. Suzanne Guthrie, Director of Strategic Initiatives at the Presentation Training Institute shares “We wanted to offer an option designed exclusively for Executives that would significantly augment their presentation skills by working intensely with an expert Coach. This format allows the Executive the time and space to expand their personal and professional power”. Through presentation training New York, we hope to gain clients not only in New York but in Connecticut and New Jersey as well. The entire region is active in the training industry. In fact, corporate giant UPS is located in New Jersey and has utilized the Executive Presentation Coaching option many times for their executives. PTI is proud of our relationship with UPS and has contracted for additional presentation training sessions in Q3 of 2015.

Each customized Executive Presentation Coaching session is designed to meet the unique demands of your role and industry. By establishing a personal connection with the client from the time they inquire about the program, our skilled coaches can identify goals to create the Executive Presentation Coaching session around. This assessment offers the client the most individualized and powerful Coaching experience possible.

Like our presentation training New York initiative, we are also launching presentation training San Francisco to meet the needs of our west coast clients. Those clients include Matson Navigation, a global leader in industrial shipping. “Our relationship with major organizations on the west coast is strong and ever growing” states Ms. Guthrie. “Presentation training San Francisco is a vital part of our west coast business and we see that expanding exponentially this next year” she adds.

All of our presentation training courses are consistently rated as powerful, transformative and effective. “And, we pride ourselves on offering great presentation training solutions to grow your presentation skills at price you can afford”, states Jim Hornickel, Director of Training at the Presentation Training Institute. “We trust that Presentation training New York and presentation training San Francisco will catapult our executive presentation training division as well as our other presentation training program offerings.”

About Presentation Training Institute
Established as a global learning company Presentation Training Institute, and its parent company Bold New Directions, strives to involve participants in experiential presentation training courses that transform the way they perform at work. The Presentation Training Institute provides services to a diverse client base consisting of organizations in banking, health care, financial services, technology, manufacturing and higher education.

To learn more about the onsite presentation training course options available for executives or for other levels of staff please click here: http://www.presentationtraininginstitute.com or call us at our toll free number of 1-800-501-1245.