09, January 2015: The Royal House of Rurikovich Dynasty represented by His Royal and Imperial Highness The Grand Prince Jorge Rurikovich, was invited to attend the presentation of the Spanish-Russian International Forum held in the Hall of Mirrors at the City Hall of Malaga, Spain. 

Prince Jorge Rurikovich, Russian Ambassador Yuri Korchagin, Francisco de la Torre, Ricardo Bocanegra, Father Dimitry Osipenko

The ceremony was attended by the Mayor of Malaga Francisco de la Torre, The Deputy General Director of Eastern Europe and Central Asia of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, José María Lavina, The Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Spain, D. Yuri Korchaguin and FIHR President Dr. Ricardo Bocanegra. Also attended members of the Consular Corps of Malaga headed by their Dean The Honorary Consul of Panamá, D. Baldomero Rodiles-San Miguel Pardo. 

The presentation explains how the Forum was born as an international center of ongoing cooperation between Russia and Spain in the social, cultural and business field, pretending to be the center of two reference all initiatives and projects that arise from the relationship between Russia and Spain . 

H.R. & I.H. Prince Jorge Rurikovich of the Rurik Dinasty, along with his press officer Felix Ramos, were able to speak to different businessmen in the Russian Federation and members of the Consular Corps of Malaga that are betting on the binding of other countries with Spain in this type of forums that help bring to tourism and investment to this country and abroad. The Royal House of Rurikovich supports these initiatives that support the diplomatic relations between Spain and Russia. 

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Sovereign Royal and Imperial House of Rurikovich