The time to keep your roof in order is when the sun is shining,  so that when the storm clouds begin brewing all around us, we will ensure the roof is in order before it is too late. This is analogous to prepping for war.

Europe is experiencing what is almost more than civil war due to the increasing number of immigrants crossing the borders into Europe every day.

Unfortunately, this is not news. It is simply just facts. It, therefore, becomes pertinent that Europe should start prepping for war. If it means staying in Europe, one has to do something to get prepared for war. In prepping for war, individuals and government of Europe have to play an important role to ensure their survival of war when it erupts. Some of the roles of individual in prepping for war include but not limited to:

1.Get updated with news, international conflicts, and relations between Europe and the immigrants; this will help you better understand who could invade, and for what reason.

2. Understand you are not a soldier, and you don't have to fight.

Befriend with the farmers, leave the city as soon as possible, don't live in a rural region either, the defending force will try to fight in the non-habited area, don't marry, and don't have children, have many friends, Know how to solve basic electronic problems.

3.Purchase weapons of war, and possibly take combat lessons; In prepping for war, some of the combat lessons need to be taken and well understood, for example, if one comes across a squad of 15 heavily armed soldiers, one, obviously will not be able to do much in combating with the 15 squad, but it will be more useful fighting off other civilians.

4.Take survival classes, learn how to hunt, skin gut and prepare animals, the native flora, and fauna, and what is or isn't edible, know the average temperatures throughout the year.The bunker may be stocked with food and water, but you should still know how to catch your own, who knows if war is declared when the pantries empty, or you get cut off from your bunker, or you simply run out. You should also learn how to camouflage yourself and anything you build, such as a storage shack, fire pit, defences, and so on.

If a nuclear war happens, and you decide to run off into your bunker, make sure any nuclear weapons won't be detonated near your site.  Make sure to keep any source of information like radio or any other thing that will allow you to monitor the status of the war. Always listen, because people may want to take over your bunker, and later on, enemy soldiers may attack if they think that you are a threat, or they want to use your bunker.

When prepping for war, the best bet for surviving a war is to move to somewhere that is not at war.  No matter how well prepared you are, an invading army can take whatever you have.  No matter how bad things have gotten in war, there has always been places that were at peace.  The problem is, you can't wait until the war starts to start thinking of leaving, you have to prepare ahead of time. This includes having your passports and VISAs ahead of time, and you should have a foreign bank account and converts some of the currency to gold chains.  For young civilians and fresh recruits in Europe, the top strategies in prepping for war are:  Those that lives around sea and ocean should be prepared for an attack from those regions.

In prepping for war, European government also has major roles to play in other to protect her citizens. These roles include: recruiting more soldier, and all the military parastatals and equip them with ducks and covers, making available some chemical protective gear against missile strike and other protective devices for war. It has to ensure that there is no avenue for cyber attacks, attacks from the air and coastal regions.

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