In 2017 as consumers continue to shift from traditional advertising channels to Google search, SEO will have an expanding role in driving small and local business growth. SEO Ranker Agency in Mesa Arizona is providing a unique service that goes beyond search engine optimization to brand authority building online. Designed for business owners looking to accelerate their growth using free traffic from Google, this service is ideal for any business who is currently advertising but looking for improved ROI and higher quality leads.

Mesa, Arizona - December 30, 2016. To meet 2017 economic opportunities for small and local business owners, SEO Ranker Agency a premier Digital Marketing and SEO company announces an all new, cutting-edge service that brings together three product lines to enable businesses to accelerate their growth and capture up to 300% more sales opportunities.

As a #1 search engine optimization agency SEO Ranker’s Brand Authority Service was created by combining the company’s expertise in the areas of Internet traffic generation, content creation, distribution/syndication, and website conversion. The result is a highly effective revenue and profit growth engine for local and small businesses operating anywhere in the U.S.

"Traditional SEO focuses on one primary value proposition, and that is, a higher ranking will equal more sales," comments Mark Alan, President, SEO Ranker Agency. "Google rolled significant changes into their search algorithm in 2016, and we see some of the standard practices of SEO may not be as effective in 2017. For this reason our team developed a tool for small business owners that will give them an amazing edge in their market, even as competitors are scratching their head wondering why the things that worked before no longer do. Our company is all about providing an unfair advantage to our clients."

With 80% of queries for local goods and services originating on a search engine, and in order to keep pace with Google splitting their search index between mobile and desktop traffic, the SEO Ranker Brand Authority Service provides a significant advantage over outdated SEO and digital marketing methods.

For every company with aggressive growth plans in 2017 you are encouraged to complete a simple no obligation application, which can be found here. If your company qualifies for this exclusive service you will be well on your way to dominating your competitors in 2017.

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SEO Ranker Agency is a #1 SEO company offering premier search engine optimization and digital marketing services to local and small business owners wanting to improve their presence online and drive more sales actions with FREE traffic from Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

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