(Free Press Release) Hire Xsteel Detailers and Modelers for Shop drawings and Fabrication detailing at low cost!

Tekla or Xsteel detailing is a crucial process of converting Steel design plans into detailed drawings for fabrication purpose. Accuracy of these drawings determine success of your structure design and fabrication.

Outsourcing Steel Detailing firm is group of trained X-steel detailers and Checkers catering to various needs of Architects, Steel Fabricators and Structural engineers. We work closely with you to pull complexity out of existing structural plans and prepare detailed Shop drawings for smooth and timely steel fabrication.

Save 60% on Steel detailing, Shop drawings and CAD services by engaging us today! Hire modelers/detailer for specific jobs on man-hour basis. We will first understand your needs and provide custom quotes as per requirements. Visit us at http://www.outsourcingsteeldetailing.com/3dmodelingservices.php

Our specialization includes:

  • Structural steel detailing
  • 3D Tekla modeling
  • Steel connections design
  • CAD format conversions
  • Roof truss, Joist, Handrail, Stair, Column detailing
  • Anchor-bolt setting plans
  • Fabrication shop drawings
  • Shop drawing revisions
  • Erection drawings
  • Bill of Materials (BoM), Material estimates
  • Reports & Documentation

CADD Shop drawings help you understand and see various steel components such as steel columns, beams, girders, roof trusses, braces, stairs, handrails, joists, metal decking, etc. These components are used extensively in the construction of residential buildings, commercial units, bridges, industrial facilities and other steel structures.

All our Steel detailing work carried out in 3D environment so that you can visualize each member and how will they look after it‘s built. This latest CAD 3D models offered by Tekla and AutoCAD to deliver complete details and member dimensions as per the guidelines of AISC, CISC or any other local steel fabrication standards of your choice.

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