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At FEA Outsourcing, we provide high quality and accurate cycle life analysis services for product design and development by using FEA software. We offer expertise cycle life analysis services for a global clientele.

We have team of highly skilled and expert FEA engineers that have many years experienced in FEA engineering industries. We have serve in various industries such as Heavy Engineering, Automotive, Aerospace, Consumer Products, Telecommunications and Pressure Vessels.

Cycle life analysis is a process which is used for analyzing mechanical products or components thouse are involved with cyclic processes. Cycle life analysis is the part of finite element analysis which is mainly used for calculating fatigue life of pressure components.

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Various Factors are affected by cycle life analysis services includes:

• Temperature difference
• Operation less than full design pressure
• Design of nozzle
• Type and quality of weld
• Stresses due to corner joints
• Heavy Fluctuation in pressure

The amount of stress generated in a pressurized vessel during a cycle life greatly depends on difference in pressurized and unpressurized conditions, which in turn depends on design features of the component. Apart from this, the factors that can affect the actual fatigue life are:

At FEA Outsourcing, our team understands that to calculate the precision fatigue stress generated in any product, analysis at both pressure and vacuum case is to be taken info consideration.

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