PR 24x7 Organize Eye Care Camps

Indore: PR 24x7 today continued its social commitment of providing good healthcare to the people of Indore by organizing eye care camp. Senior citizen day care centre at Sarv Sampan Nagar, kanadia Road, Indore collectively cater to more than 50 nearby senior citizens out of these about 23 patients were screened to be suffering from refractive and vision problem and were immediately provided with required spectacles. Another 3 patients were diagnosed with prominent eye ailments including cataract and were referred to hospitals.

The objective of the camp is to provide quality eye care services available to all segments of population and develop linkages with not-for profit and government institutions for advanced ophthalmic treatment. Also, this will create awareness amongst the local community which will help achieve momentum for the cause. 

This initiative was undertaken after PR 24x7 found that there was lack of quality healthcare to the people owing to insurgency, illiteracy and primordial living pattern amongst people. Apart from its business activities, PR 24x7 also take care of social activities, e.g. providing food and medicines to needy senior citizens, educating poor girls in computer education, tree planting , providing books and stationeries to poor students, etc. Inspired by the tale “MANZILEN ABHI AUR BHI HAIN”, PR 24x7 is marching ahead to search the new era.

About PR 24x7 Network Limited

Six years of remarkable growth, PR 24x7 is today the north India’s largest public relations company. We have not only strong team of dedicated 75 members, but equivalent network spread over 40 cities this clearly reveals power of PR. We have extended our services to leaders of different sectors, including Automotive, Pharmaceuticals, Hospitals, Banks, Financial institutions, entertainment and many more

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