17th October 2015- Starting on October 17th Powur is now helping homeowners to convert to solar and save money on their utility bills. They have the option of upgrading to solar power, with no money out of their pocket. Solar City the # 1 solar company in America is agressively pursuing this paradigm shift in the United States. This is accomplished through a solar lease.

The solar lease being offered by Solar City has been named #1 of twenty innovative ideas that will change the world. They have been also recognized by other industry awards.

The company CEO of Solar City is Elon Musk, also founder of the Tesla electric automobiles. Through his vision Solar City, has currently undertaken a project through which it will take complete care of financing and installation of solar power panels for qualified interested homeowners.

Solar panels will only be installed only if the homeowner saves money. Homeowners then pay Solar City for monthly energy consumed. All homeowners have to do to find out more details, is to contact the representative of Powur. Powur is the brand new company launching October 17, in San Diego.

They have partnered with Solar city to provide leads of homeowners to speed up the process of converting homeowners to solar in the USA. So if you are an interested homeowner, contact the Powur representatuve through their website. Then you will be able to get connected with the right Solar City professional to answer your questions. They will also assess whether the interested candidate qualifies for this solar lease for their home.
Because utility bills are becoming more costly with every passing year, it is becoming critical to find alternatives to produce energy in times like today. The # 1 residential solar company in America has taken this initiative to help people understand the importance of going solar, helping to protect the environment and also helping them save money on their utility bills.

This initiative on the part of Solar City, and Powur is unique in helping people adopt solar power without paying any cash. All that is needed is contact information to get the process started. Interested candidates can fill out the form at the 0 Cash Solar website with their contact information or directly call or email the representative at the given number to start saving on their utility bills as soon as possible.

Website: http://0cashsolar.com/

Darryl Green
0cash solar
Phoenix, AZ
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