January 21, 2013 — The practice of maintaining regular flow of information between an individual or a company and clients is the simplest definition of public relations. In the same context, Online Public Relations is public relations through the internet. Constant updates and news help people to be aware of the activities of another person or a company. Effective and active public relations are important for every social or commercial business in this world.

Public relations play a key role in the growth and success of any business. Internet has made online public relations more convenient. However, the opportunities to tarnish the image of a company have increased too. There are websites that allow users to post anything about any company or person without any discretion at all. Most of such websites do not even share or disclose information about their users. Many of them do not even necessitate entry of particular information by users. Such platforms can be easily used to blot the image of a company or an individual due to personal or functional enmity. While the demerits of online PR may not be significant multinational organisations, it can spell boon or doom for small and medium-scaled enterprises. Management of client relationship through all major media is more crucial now than it was ever before.

Relationship management can be done through print as well as electronic media. However, the best practice is to have active presence on both. The focus of public relations management should be interactive engagement of clients through audio, visual and other activities. Nowadays, search-engines, social media, search directories, blogs, etc. are the predominant platforms for public relations management. Making search for contents convenient for users is also a form of public relations management, provided it is somehow conveyed to users as a special service. Otherwise, it might be considered just chance.

Search-engine optimisation (SEO), social media optimisation (SMO), press releases, Blogging, etc. are some of the most effective techniques of online PR . There are a few platforms, such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter and YouTube, that must never be ignored when public relations are concerned. Every query, appreciation, doubt and complaint raised by clients or other users has to be responded at the earliest possible. Such active response impresses the involvement of the organisation with its clients or ccustomers into the minds of people. In addition to it, the public relations managers have to be expressive enough to convey their point with polity but firmness in cases of conflicts.

Online commercial activities, such as public service or online selling or purchase of goods, can also find their ways as a result of effective online public relations management. Once a healthy relationship is steadily built and maintained, enterprises can gradually start reaping the benefits of it.

About online public relations

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Online public relations are the art of communication with clients of an enterprise through internet. The more interactive the communications is the healthier the relationship might become, which subsequently generates positive impression of the company.