7th April 2015 – Positive K9 Training – a local Melbourne dog and puppy training company that offers both group training and in home training sessions – have had a busy start to the year and are working harder than ever to continue to provide a second to none training services. Now in the Autumn season, sessions are being booked up fast, and the team prepare for a busy next couple of months.

This time of the year tends to bring in the most bookings for the team at Positive K9 Training, especially for puppy training sessions (both in home and group sessions). Puppy owners are encouraged to book in their pet immediately, as slots have been filling up fast and it’s highly important that puppies are trained as early on in life as possible.

Recently we spoke to the owner and operator of the company – Chris Loverseed – and asked him how the company was handling this busy period of the year. He was quoted saying: “All of the trainers and I here at Positive K9 Training are ecstatic about the high demand for dog and puppy training sessions – we love to keep busy! After a busy long Easter weekend, we’ve come back to the office to find that the phones are ringing off the hook… the demand for professional training sessions has more than increased since last year!

We put the increase in bookings down to our superior service delivered by all of our team. We really do pride ourselves on being the best of the best in Melbourne and want to help as many people as we can train to pets so that they are a real attribute and loved part of the family. As we get closer to mid 2015, we’ve started to think about getting some new members on board to keep up with the busy workload. We’ve already booked up weeks in advance, so we want to keep up with the hand demand!”

Christian, a local Werribee resident, has been going to Positive K9 Training group training sessions for a few weeks now. We recently spoke to him about how the training has helped his pet. Christian had this to say: “I booked Max in for puppy training sessions as soon as we got him, as I knew he needed to learn and develop good behaviour as early on in his life as possible. I’d hate to think what he was like without the training sessions, as he’s such a well behaved puppy after only a few weeks in training! He knows basic commands and we are slowly working on introducing other skills into his life. The Positive K9 Training team have truly made a difference in his life and I speak highly of them too my friends and family!”

More information on Positive K9 Training: Positive K9 Training have been top Melbourne dog trainers for many years now, and have helped hundreds of dog owners in the area successfully train their furry friends. From basic behavioural skills to obedience classes, they have a range of options available for puppies and dogs at different stages of life. Read more about their services available on their website: www.positivek9training.com.au. To book your dog or puppy in for training, call Chris on 0403 727 981.

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