Portland, OR — Gourmet Coffee Systems, Inc , a staple gourmet coffee service in the Portland metropolitan area since 1987, provides state-of-the-art brewing equipment and quality coffee, tea, and hot chocolate to business customers. The company also loans brewing equipment to business customers at no charge, provided they meet a minimum purchase of coffee per month. There is no contract required for use of this high-quality, state-of-the-art equipment.

In addition to the excellent coffee service Portland customers can rely on, the company inventories, rotates, and restocks everything as part of its service, on pre-scheduled dates with no delivery charge. With each coffee service, a variety of coffee, supplies, and paper products are available. The company provides service to the entire Greater Portland Metropolitan Area.

Brewers are available for loan as are filters, water filters, and water coolers with a filtration system, which are FDA-approved and connect to an existing water supply. Supplies include tea Portland brewers and businesses make as well as cocoa, cream, popcorn, stirrers, and sugar. Disposable items such as cups, paper towels, facial tissue, paper plates, napkins, and more are available too. Gourmet Coffee Systems, Inc. makes it easy to get started.

Scott Stephan, owner of Gourmet Coffee Systems, said, “At Gourmet Coffee Systems, we take pride in providing the very best in customer service, as well as offering a wide variety of quality gourmet coffee and coffee supplies. Gourmet Coffee Systems has the products and equipment to provide our customers with the very best quality, value, and service in the industry.”

On the company’s website, visitors can learn from various tips for coffee brewing, while customers can also “Request a Quote” based on their business type and needs. For any business wanting to make coffee Portland is an ideal location. To learn more about the company’s products and Portland coffee service, go to www.gcscoffee.com

Gourmet Coffee Systems, Inc.
Owner: Scott Stepan
728 SE 11th Ave.
Portland, OR 97214
Tel : (503)231-7476
E-mail: [email protected]