Pooja Banerjee plays daredevil as she shoots with a dog despite being petrified of them


TV actress Pooja Banerjee who is seen essaying the character of Noorie in Life OK’s Prime time show Nagarjun — EkYoddha has been terrified of dogs since childhood but even more so recently after a terrifying experience her friend went through. Hence she was in for a shock when she was told by the production house about her having to shoot with a dog for a particular sequence that too without having any time on hand to prepare mentally for otherwise to shoot with an animal she has been so terrified of all her life.


When asked about the same, Pooja said, “Very recently, a dog bit my friend, and that is still fresh in my head hence being scared is an understatement. But having no way out of the shoot, I decided to overcome my fear hence during the entire shoot, the dog's master and the crew members kept telling me that nothing will happen, but deep inside, I still kept praying that he should not bite me. When he finally came to me, he did not bite me, however he was all over me, licking, smelling and I just sat still!"


Now after shooting for the scene, Pooja feels she is not as scared of dogs as she used to be. Even during the shoot, Pooja kept feeding biscuits to the dog to make him friendly towards her. Pooja says, “My director had a tough time shooting for this particular sequence as I had fear all over my face. It was a tough time for me but in situations like this is when I can prove my acting abilities hence despite being terribly scared of the dog, I had to maintain a smiling face in front of the camera. It was a challenging day for me and I can say that without participating in any reality show, I overcame my fear of dogs".


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