Polycab launches their first ever TVC Campaign

Safe raho.Save karo.

~ Unveils new brand logo symbolizing the company’s powerful new identity ~

Mumbai, March 06, 2013 — Polycab, India’s leading cables and wires company has launched their first TVC campaign with the promise of â€˜Safe raho. Save karo’ which broke on air today. With this campaign the company has also unveiled their new brand logo. Conceptualized by Taproot India, the TVC that effectively talks about putting an end to unsafe wiring, is doused with humour and quirky surprise elements that are bound to engage the audience.


With the tag line of â€˜Safe raho. Save Karo’, the campaign revolves around a normal household setup which includes a family of dangerous characters. Each member has a distinguished characteristic utilized from popular movies that can be easily identified by the Indian audience. An important aspect also captured is about savings. The brand ensures consumers upto 25% that can be saved on electricity billing. This is especially important at a time when consumers are paying almost double for their electricity.


The campaign starts off with a man reading a newspaper and a Hannibal prisoner sitting next to him, who replies in a hoarse grim voice. The series of events that occur next in the surrounding environment shows complete mayhem by the various family members as they go about a seemingly normal routine disguised in their different characters. The 40 second TVC, brilliantly captures the messages of safety and technological superiority that the brand would like to highlight.


Commenting on this momentous achievement, R. Ramakrishnan, Vice Chairman, Joint MD & Group CEO - Polycab Wires Pvt. Ltd said“The launch of our very first ad campaign marks a new milestone for us in many ways. With this TVC, we also unveil our new corporate identity which will help our consumers understand and identify us better. While we are amongst the leading players in the industry, as a brand we evangelize the proposition of ‘safety’ and all our communication reinforces our message. We are very excited to present our new proposition and are confident this will only propel our brand to new heights.”


Agnello Dias, Chairman & Co-Founder Taproot India, says, "Working so closely with the Polycab marketing team was a stimulating experience and the film does a strategically precise balancing act of driving home the dangerous folly of treating wires like a blind spot that does not matter. To do this in a charming tone of voice that couches a serious warning along with strong product benefits is the fruit of true collaboration between the marketing team and the agency's brand team."


Economical savings is an important criterion in identifying useful wires for any Indian household today especially with rising costs of electricity consumption. The TVC’s hard hitting proposition of safety with savings, encapsulates the promise of the brand to its consumers.


Polycab embodies the mantra of Respecting Life. In an increasingly less caring world, Polycab values life and upholds beliefs such as: reliability, honesty and that prevention is better than cure! With its recent success, the brand has now catapulted in the leadership category and has carved a new identity for itself. This is reflected in the new logo which captures the core essence of providing power and managing its delivery to one’s doorstep in the most efficient and safest manner.


Commenting on the new brand logo, Santosh Padhi, Chief Creative Officer & Co-Founder, Taproot India says, "Polycab deals into giving power to consumers through a range of various electrical products. Keeping the nature of business and the growth plan of Polycab in mind, we wanted to add a visual mnemonic to the existing Polycab typeface. We zeroed down on a monogram/symbol that's really simple, powerful and consumer friendly. It's a universal symbol for power. A company like Polycab can own this as they are the powerful No.1 wire and cable manufacturers in India today."


Pallavi Chakravarti, Associate Creative Director, Taproot India says, “Everyone expects their house wires to be safe, but nobody really cares about which wires they use. Out of sight, out of mind. So our brief was simple - get people thinking about what really lies concealed behind their walls. Creatively, we decided to do this by asking them how safe their homes really are. The tag line ‘Safe Raho. Save Karo' has Polycab's dual benefit of superior safety and 25% energy savings at its core.”



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