United States of America; 08, July 2016: Pokemon is one of the most loved games around the world. The game is available for smartphones and people in love with the game can easily download it using the playstore. Till now the game was mainly available for high end gaming devices like PS3, Nintendo, etc. Since the launch of game for both android and iOS devices huge amount of smartphone users are on the lookout to download it to play the game on the go. One of the blogs that is aimed at tutorials for downloading and playing the game is Pokemon Go Spot.

The Pokemon GO Guides is useful for both iOS users as well as android phone users. Some of the users find it hard to get the game through the app store and they are on the lookout for alternative sources that can help in downloading the game. An android user can just go to the setting menu click on the security and tap the “unknown sources” button. These tutorials are mainly useful for the people who hail from US, New Zealand or Australia. The pokemon guides provided on the blog have been useful in helping out people from different regions to overcome the issues that had crept up previously.

The android users have the option to transfer it through the computer or through APK file share option. The guides are not only limited for the android users as there is a fully detailed tutorial provided for the iOS users too. Since iOS devices don’t allow the users to download any app from an unknown source they can take help from the guide and get them in their smartphone. Whether it is iOS 6, 7 or 8 the users can open safari in the phone and go to http://ios.hipstore.mobi/.

There are times when people find it hard to play the game and they need a trusted source to troubleshoot their problems. For an android phone the users need to make sure that their phone is between version 4.4 to 6.0. Along with this all the requirements are provided in the Pokemon GO Guides provided in the blog. The game does not support iOS 4 and the users need to make sure that they have device that is built on iPhone 5 or above. These are small factors that act as the main point when it comes to playing the game. Once the users go through the guides and tutorials provide on blog they will be aware of the facts and it becomes easier to play the game on a smartphone.

About Pokemon Go Spot:

Pokemon Go Spot is a blog that is built on the basis to provide useful tutorials and facts related to the game. The game has been launched for the people using smartphones and this blogs focuses on creating tutorials for the users.

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