Wilmington, DE — Calluses are normally harmless, and as a matter of fact, many people find them useful for protection. Unfortunately, there are times or instances when they become more of a trouble than simple skin layers. When this happens, the only option is to have them removed.

Podiatrists can provide permanent removal solution for calluses. A callus develops when the skin starts to thicken in layers due to excessive pressure or friction. While it develops as a way of the body to protect itself, it can turn painful if left for a long period of time or untreated.

Thickened skin often comes lighter in color but is also yellowish. Individuals with calluses and are normally in a humid environment are more susceptible to fungal or bacterial infection. If not properly addressed, it can also lead to serious problems.

According to ePodiatry, the use of ill-fitting footwear and gait problems are the most common causes of calluses. Ill-fitting shoes pertain to those that are too tight to wear. The skin’s natural response from the friction or pressure is to thicken and form itself into layers.

Problems take place when it becomes painful overtime. When they become too thick, they are more likely to crack. This can exposed to open skin to bacteria, which increases one’s risk of infection.

Podiatrists can provide permanent solution to calluses. Sufferers may be required to visit their podiatrist for more than one time to have the callus removed. The doctor usually scrapes off the callus with the use of safe and sanitized tools.

The podiatrist usually gives an advice regarding the kind of footwear that should be used. If toe deformity is what’s causing the callus, the podiatrist usually works by correcting it. There is a variety of treatments for toe deformities and it can depend on the severity of the case.

It is essential for sufferers to wear shoes with the right size and can provide their feet with a little breathing room. It is similarly important to keep the feet clean to reduce the risk of infection. Emollients can also be used to keep the skin in good condition.

In addition to visiting the podiatrist, individuals with callus may also go to salons. There are also products such as the electric callus remover offered by Naressa, which are believed to be helpful for callus removal.

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