Miami, FL — Plumbers 911, a local company that has created an extensive network of qualified plumbing technicians that, collectively, can answer any call immediately, is expanding its business. Its move into the California market is an exciting venture for the company. With the change, the owners want to make sure that customers know they still maintain local values and will continue to cater to South Floridians. To do this, the Plumbers 911 has launched a new website specifically geared toward its Florida customers, with search criteria, services, and articles all geared toward the needs of local clientele.

Website Launch Will Feature More than Just a New Name

The Plumbers 911 website designed specifically for its South Florida customers can now be found at . The innovative design contains a feature that will allow viewers to input a zip code in order to find information on available services in that specific area. Plumbers 911 is using this new design to make its extensive list of services and numerous options more accessible to its customers.

Videos Created to Provide Information and Savings

Plumbers 911 is using YouTube to provide a face for the company and ensure that customers get information from experts they can trust. Its YouTube channel features videos discussing services, savings coupons, and expert advice by local West Palm Beach plumber, Joe Fernandez. Customers can find the videos at

A limited time offer is now available for South Florida residents. Plumbers 911 is offering $50, $75, and $100 coupons off plumbing services. The different amounts vary based on the service customers choose. Those interested can download the coupon today at the Plumbers 911 website. Type in a name and email then the coupon will be valid for 30 days after the date of download. The promotion is offered to help those in need of services today and those who may have a plumbing issue arise down the road.

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