13 July, 2013: Playlistuncovered.com will provide Nigerians with the latest musical singles, albums and musical videos from the local and international artistes. 

Users of the new Playlistuncovered.com website would enjoy a whole new experience in pure online entertainment with a great look and feel. Artistes, managers and public relation officers can also register on the website to promote their songs. 

Artistes and Publicists can take advantage of the new website by posting their songs directly via an admin panel and would only wait for the post to be approved by main admin of the website. 

CEO of PlaylistUncovered.com, Okeje Michael says that unlike other music websites, upcoming artiste should be rest assured their songs would be live on the website. 

“I quite understand that the challenge upcoming artiste have in Nigeria is that music websites don’t upload their songs. This is very different with us, we have a system that allows all songs by upcoming and made stars to go online. I can assure all songs releases in Nigeria or outside with permission from the owners would be online and be reviewed by music lovers.” 

Playlistuncovered.com is a Nigerian entertainment website to get free music downloads from artistes in the country and outside. The music site is also available on android and mobile devices. 

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Lagos, Nigeria