(Free Pressrelease) Computer gaming is associated with the hard core geeks. Not everyone has enough time to play their way through the lengthy stages of FPS games. Even if you have time, you might not have the processor to cope up with the heavy system requirements of Armor games. Nevertheless, none of you would miss a chance to take a small solitaire or minesweeper break in your office, when your boss is not around.

Speaking of ethical ways, there are many websites on the internet that let you play free online games. These games are very short, but no less interesting. However, these websites require you to sign up your email with them.

Enter the world of Armor Games. The spokesperson of the company tells us that there is no compromise with your email ID to enjoy their indulging games. There is a plethora of games available on their website. You are not required to download anything. You can enjoy all of their titles from your browser window. They have arcade games of every genre; from racing games and shooting games to strategy and hack and slash. The most popular titles are Bowman and Castle Defense. You will find almost anything that you look for on Armor Games website.

We were further informed about the dangers of giving an email ID to anybody who asks you for a quick signup. He said that these companies sell the private contact information to anybody who pays for it. As a result, your inbox starts flooding with spam mail. Also, you might become a target of phishing attacks. Signing up your email also allows your IP address to be recorded. This basically means that the person gets know everything about your location.

In other words, you should never disclose your email ID to people whom you do not trust. If you do, try to keep a separate ID for such purpose. Many hackers might use your email to access your social networking accounts. The spokesperson says, “Armor Games does not want your email. We just want you to enjoy playing our fun games without worrying about privacy issues.

The company‘s website is becoming popular day by day. The main reason behind this is their vast range of games that you can start playing instantly.

About Armor Games

Armor Games is an online portal that facilitates playing small browser games online. The most interesting feature is that you don‘t face any hassle with download, installation, or signup. They have a wide variety of games in every major genre.
On their website, you will find biking and other racing games, and also those involving strategy. They have both - single player and multiplayer games.

If you are interested in playing Armor games, you can visit the given link. For any other enquiries, contact their representative at the below mentioned numbers.