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‘Young Consumers’ and ‘Bridal’

Expected to Drive 2018 Platinum Jewellery Market in India


PGI Releases Findings of the 2017 Platinum Jewellery Business Review


Platinum market demand growth has been strong in India, with retail sales up 21% year-on-year and fabrication demand growing at 34% Year-on-Year


Platinum Guild International (PGI) today published the findings of its 2017 Platinum Jewellery Business Review revealing that two key trends – young consumers, and bridal– are emerging to contribute to platinum demand growth in 2018. Compiled by independent platinum market experts and industry analysts, the survey reports strong consumer retail sales growth in the India, U.S. and Japan for 2017, even outperforming gold in some areas.


We saw above-marketgrowth for platinum jewellery in three out of four key markets in 2017. This trend is tied to a robust global economy and historically low platinum prices, together with an increasing preference for platinum among younger consumers, which indicates growth potential in the platinum jewellery sector in 2018,” says CEO Huw Daniel of Platinum Guild International.


Platinum growth in India for 2017has been very encouraging. Platinum today  resonates with young India. The rarity of the metal, the designs inspired by global trends and the distinct emotional positioning of platinum makes it the preferred choice of millennials. The outlook for 2018, is strong given that both Platinum Love Bands and Platinum Evara are getting embedded in our culture and the business opportunity that platinum offers to retailers is incremental and sustainable.” said,Vaishali Banerjee, Managing Director India, PGI.


Young Consumers

India has become the engine of platinum jewellery growth globally. Despite continued challenges from new legislations, the industry has seen retail sales reported in platinum ounces up 21% year-on-year for the Platinum Guild International program and fabrication ounce demand growing at 34% Year-on-Year. A strong preference for platinum among young consumers is one of the strongest contributors to the growth of platinum jewellery demand in India. For young India, PGI has created a distinct positioning for platinum versus gold, tapping into modern couples’ desire for jewellery that better represents the bonds oflove in a modern relationship between equals. Throughthe Platinum Days of Love Campaign, platinum has become the metal of choice among today's young Indian consumers shaping the country's culture and fashion.


Commenting on the millennial trendSenco Gold & Diamonds, Director, Suvankar Sen, said, “Today a jeweller who retails platinum has a clear edge because of the millennial crowd it pulls in. Platinum holds a deeper meaning in their lives and they are very well aware about the metal. This generation wants novelty and versatility in jewellery which platinum has in abundance to offer. We are extremely bullish on platinum jewellery growth in our country, on the back of young India”.

Bridal Market

Bridal markets around the world have become strongholds for platinum jewellery across India, China, Japan andthe U.S..

In India, the market is led by love-gifting with local organised retailers finding footholds for platinum within the gold-dominated wedding category. The introduction of a new branded segment, Platinum Evara, a modern platinum jewellery collection gifted to the bride and groom before the wedding day has carved out a distinctive niche for platinum and created a new jewellery segment for the industry.

Commenting on the bridal trendMr.Pratap Kamath, Managing Director, Abaran', said “Jewellery is an integral and inevitable part of Indian weddings. So far it was only gold that dominated this scenario. However, PGI’s new branded program is creating a new tradition with platinum. Consumers at our store are genuinely purchasing platinum to gift or welcome their new members into their family. This has resulted in higher volumes and given us a realcompetitive edge.




Platinum Jewellery Business Review (PJBR)

The Platinum Jewellery Business Review is an annual report completed by PGI based on surveysconducted by independent sources, specifically analysing fabrication ounce demand, retail sales,  and trade sentiment in the four major platinum jewellery markets of India, China, the US and Japan. The survey, conducted in Q1 2018, polled more than90manufacturers,1,400 jewellery retail companies that together operated around 13,000 retail outlets in the four main markets. The survey reveals the performance of the platinum jewellery market, which is the second largest demand source for platinum globally after automotive. The full report is available here:


About Platinum Guild International 

Founded in 1975, Platinum Guild International (PGI) is the world’s leading authority on the platinum jewellery industry and is an organisation supported by the major South African platinum producers. PGI has specialist teams dedicated to raising awareness of platinum jewellery, developing demand for platinum jewellery through consumer and trade facing programmes in the four key jewellery markets of China, India, Japan and USA.