(Free Press Release) Among a wide variety of cultural and historical monuments in London in the UK there particularly known Westminster Abbey (XIII - XVIII centuries), St Paul's Cathedral (XVII-XVIII centuries) the main Protestant church of the capital, Castle Tower (XI - XIV centuries.) - a medieval fortress which served as a place of incarceration of political criminals in the UK.
There are about 80 theaters, more than 30 museums (the British Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum, Natural History museum, London's history, one of the history of imperial wars, toys, Madame Tussauds, Tate Gallery, National Gallery, etc.) in London in the UK.
The undoubted attraction of the city of London in the UK is the oldest undeground in Europe, which started working in 1863.
The capital of the UK affects with abundance of parks, the most famous of which are Hyde Park, Regent's Park with a zoo, Kew Gadnz with a greenhouse, aquarium and a "House of Butterflies ".
Trafalgar Square is London's main square, from where distances to all UK destinations are measured.
In Glasgow in the UK you should visit the Cathedral of St. Mungo (1136 mid of the XV century), Glasgow Museum, Art Gallery, the Botanical Garden and the Zoo.
Edinburgh in the UK is famous for its eponymous castle, the church of St. Margaret's (XI century), Castle Rock, a royal residence in Scotland (Palace Holirod). The church of St. Giles (XV century), the Scottish Parliament building (1639), the house of a Protestant reformer of the XVI century are very picturesque. Art fans are always welcome in the National Gallery of Scotland and in the portrait gallery. Royal Museum, a museum of contemporary history and of the history of Scotland in the UK will also be interesting.
There are several resorts in the UK: Bath, Cheltenham, Weston-super-Mer (seaside mineral springs), Leamington, Llandrindod Wales, Builth Wales, Llanurtid Wales, Harrogate (spa), Buxton (spa).