May 29, 2013: Hollywood CA-Stephen Boyd of Real to Reelz Entertainment Group today announced the launch of a new reality TV show called “Pitch Perfect.” The show is scheduled to go into production this fall, and will provide a chance for script writers or groups of writers to compete to have their ideas developed into an on-air show. 

“Basically, Pitch Perfect offers a platform for script writers to pitch their ideas to television and movie producers,” said Boyd. “We are overcoming the financial obstacles that have hampered the progress of this much needed creative platform. As Oscar-winning screenwriter Quentin Tarantino said in in his Academy Awards acceptance speech, ‘this is the year for scriptwriters’.” 

Participants will compete each week by pitching script ideas in one specific genre. Categories include mystery, comedy, action-thriller, romantic-comedy and other popular themes. Participants in the second week will pitch script ideas for a different genre. Pitches in the third week will feature another genre, and so forth each week through the season. 

Producer-judges will initially decide whether there is marketing potential for the material pitched. If it is judged to have commercial potential, the writer-participant will move to the next level of competition. After the first five weeks, the audience will begin voting on the material they would most like to see on television. 

The actual scripts pitched will be the primary criteria in the show competitions. In addition, consideration will be given to the presentations, format, and delivery of the pitch. Each contestant will have a chance to improve on their material as the show season progresses, for as long as they remain in the competition. 

Stephen Boyd, producer of the project, previously held a position at the public relations firm of Pat Tobin & Associates before forming Real to Reelz Entertainment Group in 2012. He and his associates have worked as practicing script writers, where they often found it unnecessarily difficult to get a serious hearing and obtain representation for professionally written material. “Pitch Perfect” was created to help fill this void, while at the same time appealing to viewers in the reality-TV space. 

The public is invited to contribute to this next big thing in reality-shows competition via Indiegogo. Participants can contribute to receive a producer’s credit on scripts that the show produce, and other perks. Visit the “Pitch Perfect” project link to participate:–2/x/3286683 

Indiegogo Contributions:–2/x/3286683

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