Piramal Enterprise celebrates the enduring beauty of “Audrey Hepburn” with the launch of, “Lacto Calamine RENEU”, an all new anti-ageing cream


Mumbai, April , 2013: Piramal Enterprises Ltd, the flagship company of Piramal Group today announced the launch of its all new anti-aging cream ‘Lacto Calamine RENEU, with globally patented ULMAe technology, under its OTC segment. Dr. Swati Piramal, Vice Chairperson, Piramal Enterprises Limited unveiled the anti-aging cream at a press conference.


Lacto Calamine, a Superbrand in India is known for its nurturing properties have a range of Skin Care products from Face lotion, Face wash to Sunscreen. It is now introducing to Indian market an anti-ageing cream with US patented ULMAe delivery system having RENEU [ACTION]3 FORMULA.


This RENEU [ACTION]3 FORMULA  is a unique combination of three ingredients:

  1. Ultra Low Molecular Aminoglycan Extract (ULMAe),
  2. Nine Natural Nourishing Organic Extracts &
  3. Natural Anti Melanin (NAM).

ULMAe helps maintain skin’s elasticity and firmness, the 9 Natural Nourishing Organic Extracts hydrate the skin leaving it soft and smooth and the Natural Anti- Melanin (NAM) helps significantly to reduce skin pigmentation.


Underlining the need for an effective anti-ageing cream, in India, Dr. Swati Piramal, Vice Chairperson, Piramal Enterprises Limited, said, “The timeless beauty of Audrey Hepburn is the inspiration behind the creation of our anti-aging cream. In today’s time, stress, tedious lifestyles and pollution contributes to skin ageing, and consumers are seeking anti-aging products which not only promises great results but also delivers on them. The product is an outcome of an extensive research and study conducted by our team. Lacto Calamine RENEU with the unique combination of three ingredients, Ultra Low Molecular Aminoglycan Extract (ULMAe), 9 Natural Nourishing Organic Extracts and Natural Anti Melamin (NAM) marries science with nature resulting in 83% * reduction of wrinkles and 70%* improvement in skin smoothness.”


Also, commenting on the launch of the all new Lacto Calamine ‘Reneu’ in the Indian market, Nandini Piramal, Executive Director, Piramal Enterprises said, “.The consumer is facing ample choices while selecting her Anti Ageing cream as the category has number of players. Through intensive consumer contact programmes; we recognised the need to formulate a product which would help women, measure its benefits so they can believe in it. Lacto Calamine RENEU with the help of its three unique proof strips empowers the consumer to measure the visible benefits of the product. It is the only anti-ageing cream available in Indian market with such technology to measure the improvement over the 8 weeks”


The Lacto Calamine RENEU  is available in glass jars of 50 gm and each jar comes with three proof Strips  and is priced at Rs. 799/- respectively.  



Piramal Enterprises:

Piramal Enterprises Ltd is the flagship company of Piramal Group and is a world leader in the  business verticals it is present in i.e. Healthcare, Lifesciences, Information management, Capital and Defense. It ranks among India's largest private sector companies, with a growth track record of 24% CAGR since 1988. In 2010, it completed pharmaceutical industry’s most historic deal with Abbott, where the domestic formulations business was valued at an unprecedented 9x sales and approximately 30x EBITDA.


Consumer Products:

OTC division is one of the fastest growing players in domestic consumer healthcare market in India. The leading brand in the portfolio includes Lacto calamine, I products (i-pill, i-sure, i-can), Saridon, Supractive Complete, Polycrol, Tri-active, Itchmosol, Jungle Magic etc. The division has largest field force in the industry covering more than one lakh towns across the country more than 100,000 people, and currently service 400,000 chemists and general stores.



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