Baltimore, Maryland: 02, May 2015: Few people can say that they’ve had the opportunity to live out their dreams. To know that their passion has been utilized in a way that has helped others. Michael Johnson has done just that. But now, his dream is being cut short due to the loss of his eyesight, and it’s time for the world to give back what he has selflessly given to so many others for his entire adult life.

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Michael has had the desire to be a photographer since he was a child. He studied at the New York Institute of Photography, New York and has since used his craft for the good of mankind. He is certainly noted as one of the best amongst his peers and has traveled throughout the world from the Philippines to Africa, and been involved in projects for and He has also taught photography to children and young adults as well as inner-city youth within his hometown.

On April 1, 2015, his goals came to a standstill and Michael’s worst nightmare came true. He lost his eyesight. At birth, Michael was diagnosed with a rare eye disease called Keratoconus, which is a slow, but progressive, eye disease that affects the cornea by thinning, and scarring the layers of tissue. It does not always lead to blindness, but for Michael this was the final outcome. He began noticing the adverse affects of the disease in his early twenties, which gradually worsened to the point that he could not see beyond five feet and then finally to the complete loss of his vision. Not only has it halted his dreams, but it has had a tremendous impact on the emotional and financial stability of his home life with respect to his wife and daughter.

At this point, the only hope for Michael is a cornea transplant, an operation that is not covered by his health insurance. This leaves the complete financial responsibility on his shoulders and this financial hardship does not come cheap. Nonetheless, the surgery is completely possible with $25,000 and he is confident that this goal can be reached through the help and support of individuals with a desire to share in his journey through his Go Fund Me campaign.

Please help support this cause by donating to “Michael’s Eyesight Fund.” Together we can restore Michael’s dream while touching children throughout the world through his photos.

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