27 June, 2014: Brides and grooms concerned with the ethical origins of the stones topping their diamond engagement ring will undoubtedly appreciate the advice of a piece recently published on Philly.com, a local news portal in Philadelphia, USA. 

Sadly, ethically sourced diamonds are still not the standard gem available on the high-street market. As a result, many couples are having to seek alternative ways of procuring these gems. The most successful way of ensuring an engagement ring comes from an ethical source is to either commission a ring from an independent designer and select your diamonds from a pool of certified gems, or have an old family heirloom re-vamped. The latter of these two methods is a truly amazing and creative service offered by bespoke designers such as Maria Thompson. 

Uploaded to the portal in question precisely with the intent of helping newlyweds obtain an ethically sourced and marketed diamond engagement ring, this article offers four suggestions with regards to where and how couples may acquire one of these stones. 

The first suggestion made by the piece, is to opt for lab-constructed rings. Created artificially in laboratories, a diamond engagement ring of this sort are devoid of the environmental and societal hazards usually associated with diamond mining, and therefore are a safe bet for couples wanting to make sure their stone is not a ‘blood diamond’. 

However, some couples may find artificial diamonds unappealing. In this case, the best option is to do some research to find out where ethically-sourced diamonds are mined. A few countries do strive to provide ethical diamonds, including certain African nations. Ensuring the stone topping their ring comes from one of these countries may be a good way to guarantee it is moral legitimacy. Jewellers should be able to provide certification for these gems that fully disclose their origin and method of retrieval. 

Alternatively, couples can opt to eschew the purchasing of a diamond engagement ring altogether and choose to use a family heirloom, antique, or vintage ring as the symbol of their love. Bespoke designer Maria Thompson specializes in this unique process that guarantees a gem without the burden of a bad history. These rings can also offer other intriguing stones as toppers and may provide a unique visual flair that makes them stand out from the crowd of diamond carbon copies. 

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