<strong>Rochester NH, March 5</strong> -- Phase 2 Medical device manufacturer (http://www.phase2medical.com) is uniquely positioned to help smaller, entrepreneurial single-use medical device companies bring a medical device to market.

Many times, small medical device companies have revolutionary, life-saving products they’ve invented.  And when they begin to identify <a href="http://www.phase2medical.com/" title="Medical Device Manufacturers">medical device manufacturers</a>, as well as ways to bring their product to market, they are faced with a bewildering array of challenges. Large medical device manufacturers rarely have the time or interest in going through first-time hurdles with a smaller company. Regulations, engineering, design for manufacturing and sterility standards are incredibly rigorous when producing these products. There are also issues when it comes to finding the right suppliers and constantly improving the manufacturing process to lower costs without sacrificing quality.

“We are in a unique class of single-use medical device manufacturers with the people and processes to help one of these companies,” said Adam Prime, President of Phase 2. “We do this by maintaining close contact and even over communicating with our clients.”

As a <a href="http://www.phase2medical.com/" title="Medical Device Manufacturer">medical device manufacturer</a>, Phase 2’s capabilities extend from Material Procurement, Design for Medical Manufacturing and Device Inspection to Testing, Kitting and Packaging and Sterilization Validation, as well as Warehousing and Fulfillment.

“We work to be an extension to our clients, Prime says. “We’re particularly proud of our agility and transparency.” According to Prime, it is this kind of partnership commitment that gives OEMs the confidence to let Phase 2 deal with manufacturing so their clients can concentrate on sales and marketing

<strong>About Phase 2 Medical Device Manufacturing</strong>
Phase 2 medical device manufacturing is a <a href="http://www.phase2medical.com/" title="Medical Contract Manufacturing">medical contract manufacturing</a> company specializing in medical device development, medical device engineering and medical device assembly for companies seeking medical product outsourcing. With Class 8 ISO cleanroom capabilities, Phase 2 utilizes sophisticated processes including ultrasonic welding, epoxy bonding and UV bonding to build single-use medical devices and provide medical device manufacturing solutions to its client partners. For more information visit <a href="http://www.phase2medical.com" title="Phase 2 Medical Manufacturing, Inc.">http://www.phase2medical.com</a>