Winstrol began to be widely used in the West world in professional sport in the 80′s, and the very active substance was first obtained in the early 60′s by Sterling (USA). Winstrol – a trademark of the chemical Stanozolol (DHT derivative). The product is an aqueous suspension of stanozolol. Stanozolol is available in oral form. Between oral and injectable Stanozolol there is absolutely no difference – it’s the same drug. So, if your “kit” is a version of the injectable steroid and you do not like the frequent injections, you can safely drink the contents of the vials simply. Although the effectiveness of intramuscular administration of stanozolol is still much higher.

During the “half-life” of anabolic – a few hours. Such a short period of “half-life” is associated with the peculiarities of Winstrol pharmacokinetics. Once the crystals of the active substance into the blood and dissolve in the blood level of stanozolol is growing at blast and just as quickly, “dies.” Winstrol does not aromatize, and therefore does not lead to the accumulation of water in the body member and is the perfect preparation for preparing to compete in bodybuilding. Anabolic Stanozolol in his manifestations are much more vibrant and active than in androgen, although it is a close relative of dihydrotestosterone. Stanozolol is able to interact with the androgen receptor in the microsomal level. The accession to the fat tissue can significantly enhance the process of lipolysis. In combination with trenbolone, which also has a pronounced fat burning abilities, Stanozolol can give an excellent effect.

Application, combination, and other important information:

For many years, Winstrol is successfully applied in various sports. Initially, this unique medicine attention paid representatives of the “light” of sports disciplines. Stanozolol – the most popular anabolic steroid among runners, swimmers, men and players. This is evidenced by record-doping testing. Over the past two decades, this is the anabolic steroids are more likely to show up in doping tests. A huge number of athletes were found to be using Winstrol and disqualified.

Because of the positive doping test for Stanozolol many athletes have been deprived of rank and records obtained, after which further sports career was impossible. However, the risk that athletes were taking Stanozolol, was acquitted stunning results and incredible efficiency of this steroid. Stanozolol for a very short period of time did the athlete stronger, faster and fitter without significant weight gain. In the wake of athletes and players interested representatives of Winstrol-male sports … Winstrol gradually began to penetrate into bodybuilding, winning new fans among bullies.

The main advantage of Winstrol – the ability to build quality muscles without excessive water retention. Stanozolol with a low-carb diet and properly selected training program can make muscle more solid, rigid, embossed. The combined use of Winstrol with other non-aromatizing steroids (Erenbolonom, for example) make shapeless the bodies of bodybuilders, finished in the offseason. is a leading online steroids pharmacy, specially created to buy anabolic steroids online and fat burners without a prescription. Buy Anabolic Steroids online and pay with a Credit Card, since we provide a wide range of anabolic steroids and fat burners. Our catalog ranges the most popular steroids collected from around the world. We do not sell substandard drugs, or “dummy” steroids. Our suppliers regularly provide us with products from Spain, Greece, Pakistan, India, Turkey and other countries.