When you make a decision to pursue a life and a career abroad, one of the first things you need to think about is whether you have the right qualifications to get your ideal job. If you want to teach English in Vietnam, for example, among other things you’ll need to secure employment is internationally recognized TESOL (Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages) certification.


Peter Goudge is an Australian who has called Vietnam home for the past 7 years. He established the Australia-Vietnam School of English (AVSE) in Ho Chi Minh City from scratch and it’s now one of the country’s most respected English training centers, with approaching 400 students. Not a bad effort for someone who came to Vietnam in 2006 with next to nothing.


Vietnam is one of the world’s sleeping giants where opportunities abound for people who are prepared to have a go. Peter Goudge is an excellent example. He’s a classic ‘rags to riches’ tale that you occasionally hear about, but usually in more developed countries. Peter Goudge would be the first to say that the ‘riches’ part of the equation in his case has more to do with the with seeing students at the Australia-Vietnam School of English (AVSE) build their English language skills, compared to financial rewards.


Vietnam has clearly been very good for Peter Goudge, but there are opportunities for others as well. The demand for English language teachers - the length and breadth of the country - is huge and Peter Goudge is just the man to provide you with the guidance you need to share in what Vietnam has to offer.


Apart from delivering an array of English language courses at the Australia-Vietnam School of English (AVSE) for local people, Peter Goudge has put together an internationally recognized TESOL Certificate course which prepares prospective English language teachers from abroad to work in Vietnam’s booming education sector.


The TESOL Certificate course in Ho Chi Minh City with Peter Goudge takes 4 weeks to complete and there’s a guaranteed teaching job at the end. Peter Goudge and the Australia-Vietnam School of English (AVSE) even provide you with western standard accommodation for the entire 4-week TESOL program — free of charge.


Vietnam is a great place to live and it offers career choices like few other places, especially for those people who want to work as a teacher of English. The job you will get when you finish your TESOL training with Peter Goudge will give you the income you need to live more than comfortably in Vietnam, where the cost of living is very low.


There are very few places in the world where it’s still possible to create something from nothing. When you look at what Peter Goudge has been able to do, Vietnam is clearly one of those places.