Los Angeles, California - Peter A Fields MD, DC is more than just a chiropractor or a medical doctor. The Athletic Doc® trademarked the name to show his commitment to physical fitness, a creed he not only supports but lives by. Because he is an athlete himself, Dr. Fields is able to understand the unique needs of athletes in the management of pain and healing of muscle injuries.

Peter A Fields MD, DC, whose biography is available on his website at www.drfields.com/dr-fields-bio , holds degrees in both medicine and chiropractic. Because he regularly competes in Iron Man, triathlon and other physical fitness and endurance tests, Dr. Fields has come to be known as The Athletic Doc®. However, his philosophy regarding physical fitness goes far beyond simply staying in shape himself.

As The Athletic Doc® has shown through his website page located at www.drfields.com/the-athletic-doc , he incorporates both western medicine and natural or holistic practices to provide patients with the least invasive and most effective treatments for healing and sustained wellness. The Athletic Doc® utilizes prolotherapy, bio-identical hormones, nutritional counseling, structural analysis and anti-aging medicine in his treatments of both athletes and others who are searching for lasting healing.

The Athletic Doc® has participated in more than 50 triathlons, seven Iron Man competitions and various other races. He also participates regularly in tennis, skiing and scuba diving. These experiences help him to understand his patients and to comprehend their needs when they are injured or simply want to maximize their strength and endurance as athletes.

For many years, The Athletic Doc® has been offering prolotherapy as a knee surgery alternative in Los Angeles as well as platelet rich plasma treatments. With the help of prolotherapy, The Athletic Doc® has set about creating a shoulder surgery alternative in Los Angeles that utilizes procedures other than invasive standard surgery and a regimen of treatment that does not involve addictive painkillers or other drugs.

About Peter A Fields MD, DC:

Peter A Fields MD, DC has been administering prolotherapy and other alternative medical techniques in Los Angeles for many years and strives to provide healthy treatment options for all patients.

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