Newbury, United Kingdom; 27, June 2016: It's no secret the British public have a lot of choice when buying cars. They also have quite a few options on how they pay for them too. In the UK, the most popular way to pay for a new vehicle is with a lease.

In a nutshell, car leases are just like long-term vehicle rentals. At the end of the lease, customers can pay off the remaining balance or return the car. If they decide to give back the vehicle and start a new lease on another new car, one thing's for certain. They will usually have to pay for excess mileage fees!

Most vehicle leases get offered on a few conditions. The primary one is that the leaseholder doesn't exceed an agreed annual mileage. But, with most people commuting long distances by car for work, that mileage can often soar. As a result, leaseholders have to pay finance companies excess mileage costs.

One vehicle leasing company in the UK, Permonth Car Leasing, has no mileage restrictions. That means leases get offered with unlimited annual mileage. So, whether a customer does 8,000 or 20,000 miles a year, there are no extra mileage fees to pay.

As one can imagine, such a deal gives consumers a big incentive to opt for such leases! It comes as no surprise that Permonth Leasing has seen a record uptake in their leases!

The benefits of unlimited mileage leasing

One of the advantages is how high-mileage leaseholders don't have to pay extra costs. It's a well-known fact that many people in the UK commute vast distances for work each day. It often works out cheaper for people to commute rather than move to more expensive areas.

The rise of fuel-efficient petrol, diesel and hybrid cars means it costs less to fill up a tank. Plus, insurance is often cheaper on these next-generation vehicles.

Business leaseholders have found Permonth's lease contracts a godsend. It gives them the flexibility to grow their business by expanding to other areas. That's because they no longer have to account for out of contract mileage done by field staff. Sales reps can also travel further afield to secure new deals for their employers.

Another advantage of Permonth's unlimited mileage leases is how they are affordable for individuals. Many people opt out of company car schemes because of the high benefit-in-kind tax costs. Motorists can travel further afield with their cars for work purposes.

About Permonth Car Leasing:

Permonth Car Leasing has over 30 years of vehicle funding expertise. One of the market leaders, they offer innovative unlimited mileage vehicle leases. They can offer a diverse selection of vehicles to individuals and businesses. Permonth Car Leasing also offers leases to the self-employed.

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