24, June 2015: Here comes the Great Britain Again! Several days ago, two unbelievable pictures show the bizarre moment a jobs-worth traffic warden gave a parking ticket to a wheelbarrow. It is not clear what traffic offence the owner of the wheelbarrow committed or even if the garden implement actually counts as a vehicle. But this definitely tells us that even if you are heading to somewhere near, you should never park your cars on the wrong place, whatever the “car” is. But how can one drive his private car to a market near his house for just a little shopping? Your time wasting on finding a parking place will be longer than your shopping time. Now Airwheel will help you to solve this problem with its intelligent self-balancing scooters.


Airwheel intelligent self-balancing scooters are transport vehicles for middle-distance travels. They are extremely portable and can be taken into any place, like a room, a bus, a train and even a locker. So with Airwheel self-balancing scooters, people should not be afraid of being punished for parking in the wrong place. While shopping, you can put your unicycle into the supermarket lockers; while visiting a friend nearby, you can just take your Airwheel intelligent scooters into the house and they won’t take much space. Also Airwheel self-balancing scooters can bear the burden as heavy as 120 kg. So your little shopping in a supermarket near your home doesn’t need a car anymore. You just take your packet and ride your Airwheel to the supermarket. Saving more time also means leaving more time with your family. The top speed of Airwheel intelligent scooters is 20 km/h. Your precious time will be saved as much as possible.


Also you may wonder whether such a small and powerful vehicle is difficult to learn or not. Indeed, the control skills of Airwheel electric intelligent scooters are very easy to master. Only two principles should be kept in mind when you are learning to ride the scooters: keeping balance and tilting in the direction you want to go. For keeping balance, the sophisticated system in Airwheel products will assist you in that so your time spending on the balance lesson will be much less than that in learning a bike. Also the operating system can accurately analyse your movements, so you just need to tilt a little for moving in different directions.

Airwheel keeps the traffic warden away and makes your travel enjoyable.

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