The United States of America, December 06, 2013: Monitoring suspicious activities of children and employees is a big concern for every parent and employer respectively. Fortunately, Retina X Studios has been at the fore front of developing software for security, spying and remote monitoring of mobile devices. Peek Tab is also a monitoring software in its array of products. As the name indicates, Peek Tab is especially developed for tablets running on Android or iOS. It has complete set of features required to efficiently tab tablets. The software collects information on photos clicked, sent or received; messages sent or received, applications installed and websites accessed on/through the device. 

Peek Tab is produced by Retina X Studios, which enjoys A+ rating by Better Business Bureau (BBB), which is one of the best business accreditation service providers. Besides, even the software has had good reception in the market and there have not been reports or negative feedback for it. While features and functions of Peek Tab are streamlined for Android and iOS tablets, Retina X Studio has ensured efficient customer support through a number of media. Users can seek technical and other support service via phone and live chat or generate a ticket through the official website. In addition to that, searchable database and product documentation duly complement the efficiency of the software. 

The installation process of Peek Tab is quite simple. Interested visitors have to create an account at the official website, following which unique login information is sent to them via email. After the email is received, the software can be downloaded according to the instructions provided in the email to link parent device with the tablet which is to be monitored. Retina X Studios provides free trial of Peek Tab in an attempt to let customers get familiarised with the interface before they use the premium version of the product. 

Peek Tab is a software/service that can monitor Android and iOS tablets in real-time. The software automatically starts with booting tablet and runs in stealth to avoid suspicion by employees or children. It collects URIs accessed through the device and stores it in its servers. Thus, it works even if the users delete the web history. The GPS synchronisation enables monitors to be informed about the real time movement of the tablet user. This feature is extremely crucial for safety of children. Peek Tab records contact information when they are saved on the device and monitors the tablet calendar to keep track of scheduled events. Moreover, the software can display complete email texts along with history. Its instant message logger records all exchanged messages while it can even show call records and messages for tablets that support SIM. Saved photos and the list of all installed applications can also be viewed on the parent device. However, iOS jailbreaking and Android rooting is required to use the software. 

About Peek Tab 


Peek Tab is a tablet monitoring software-cum-service by Retina X Studios for Android and iOS platforms. The software enables buyers to monitor emails, contact information, messages, call records, photos, installed applications and saved photos on the target-devices.