You may not believe it, but a child is stressed when he is in a place where there are others besides his own parents. This is only natural as a small child remains in the company of his mother and father and siblings till he is old enough to be registered at a preschool. A preschool is an important step in the educational life of children these days. This is because a small child not only learns concepts in an enjoyable manner, but he also learns how to behave in the company of others. However, educating a small child is no child’s play and there is a proper Pedagogisch Beleid in place to ensure quality education and right personality development of the children.


Talking of Pedagogisch Beleid, it is the endeavor of all preschools to focus not just on education, but on all related aspects such as quality of the environment being provided to the toddlers, a policy for parents, emphasis on neo humanism, and so on. We should underline the factthat a preschool is only a precursor to formal education later in the life of a small child and should not strive to talk only in terms of concepts learned in this facility. In fact, safety of a small child is of paramount importance for his parents. Pedagogisch Beleid places great emphasis on the safety of children to instill confidence in the minds of young parents.


Educational policy keeps in mind the safety of small children

Pedagogisch Beleid also focuses on offering opportunities for small children to develop social and personal skills. It also stresses the importance of making children aware of social norms and values. Educational policy is always made with the approval of parents, as their input is very important for preschool curriculum. Parent teacher association called PTA is a great source of such inputs. Involvement of parents in many activities is considered valuable by educational policy , as the presence of parents is very important for small children in preschool education.


Make the most of tax allowance for the education of your small children

Education for small children is considered important by the government and this is reflected in childcare allowance being provided by the government to parents. To know the tarieven, one can make a call at the toll free number of the tax information line of the government. Child allowance or the tarieven varies according to the taxable income of the parents. Thus the higher the taxable income, the higher is the allowance a parent is eligible for.


The tarieven provided by the government is an encouragement to make all parents opt for quality education for their toddlers. The government acknowledges the importance of preschool education and subsidizing this level of education is a great incentive for all parents. If you have any queries regarding the tarieven you are eligible for, you can get the answers from the concerned department. It is prudent to make best use of this tax incentive, so as to provide quality education to your small child. 


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