Pearls Only takes great pride in supplying the world pearls only of the highest quality. They carefully hand select and grade each pearl from pearl farms of China and the Japanese pearl processors through a stringent inspection prior to them being strung and adorned with beautiful decorative clasps. Pearls are symbolic of purity, perfection, beauty and elegance and make a great gift, whether for the holidays, birthday, wedding, or any occasion. The sweet simplicity of pearls affords great diversity as an accouterment. Pearls can jazz up a formal gown and brighten up the casual look.

Pearls Only offers a great variety of high quality pearls with a range of prices sure to fit any size budget, from top of the line Akoya pearls of Japan to the recent trend of dark colored pearls. Whether one seek to buy a pearl necklace, pearl earrings , pearl ring, pearl bracelet, or a whole set, Pearls Only has the many options to offer. Known and respected for excellence in customer service, Pearls Only professionals are readily available to assist their clients with their orders and help them make any final decisions.

“The pearls were beautiful and magnificent. I was totally satisfied of my order. The processing, customer service and everything was great! Keep up the good work! Thank You!” Sarah of Sebring, a highly satisfied Pearls Only customer

Prior to successful cultivation in the late 1800’s, natural pearls were rare and quite prized by the wealthy and royalty. Today, thanks to modern technology, people all over the world can enjoy the amazing natural beauty and splendor of pearls, regardless of socioeconomic status.

Pearls Only offers the finest in pearl jewelry, from necklaces and earrings to bracelet and rings. To learn more about their wonderful products, visit

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