Plano, Texas — Peak Body Transformation, Plano and Lewisville’s premiere fitness studio, is offering Frisco kickboxing classes to help clients melt the fat and tone up for the summer. These challenging classes offer clients a fun way to achieve their fitness goals.

Peak Body Transformation knows that many consumers are confused when it comes to working out. With so many available options, it can be hard to determine which workout is best for them. With this in mind, Peak Body Transformation has created a variety of classes to tone up, build muscle, improve cardiovascular health, and melt the fat away. At Peak Body Transformation’s fitness boot camp in Plano, classes are designed to incorporate as many different techniques and outcomes as possible to suit a variety of fitness goals.

Peak Body Transformation is pleased to introduce Frisco kickboxing to those who want a whole-body, cardio-based workout that builds muscle tone, balance, and skill. Kickboxing is a great way to lose weight, build muscle mass, increase cardiovascular endurance and develop increased balance, skill and self-confidence. In fact, kickboxing is one of the best possible all-around exercise programs to meet a wide variety of fitness and personal goals.

Frisco kickboxing is a combination of several important techniques including footwork, punches, kicks, and even dance moves. The combination of intense cardio work, development of hand-eye coordination, body balance, and repetitive motions guarantees that participants will get a great 45-minute workout. This workout is offered at a level that continues to build muscle and burn fat for hours after the class ends. In fact, kickboxing has been shown to burn calories at a high rate and to contribute to lean muscle mass development.

This is a key factor in weight loss and weight maintenance as well as overall physical health. As leaders in Plano fitness, Peak Body Transformation offers a wide variety of exercise classes in Plano in both group and individual formats. While members can attend any exercise classes in Lewisville, and group classes are scheduled at convenient times throughout the day, Peak Body Transformation also provides fitness trainers in Lewisvilleto coach individuals on their personal fitness needs.

About Peak Body Transformation:

Peak Body Transformation is not a fitness center or gym; it is a lifestyle that centers on attention to every aspect of physical and mental health. Members participate in individual and group classes to develop their bodies and minds, as well as challenges to keep them motivated. Peak Body Transformation offers convenient locations in Plano and Lewisville as well as flexible class schedules designed to allow everyone to attend at different times of the day. Peak Body Transformation gets participants into the best shape of their lives with easy-to-follow plans, group exercise opportunities, and individual fitness and nutrition counseling.

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