(First to market with "8th Channel" technology for accepting AMEX, Discover, MasterCard & VISA payments in real-time.)

PAYYAP LLC (New York, NY) announces the official launch of PAYYAP (pronounced: "pay-app”) - The Payments Appâ„¢.

PAYYAP is a revolutionary payment app — first to market with merchant-initiated IVR payments (aka “8th Channel” payment technology).

"8th Channel payment technology,” explains Shea Writer (Director, PAYYAP LLC) “offers a faster payment, safer e-commerce, and no squares, no dongles — no hardware plugins of any kind.”

Merchants can simply download PAYYAP, activate their account and start accepting in-person (and/or card-not-present) payments in real-time.

PAYYAP facilitates PCI/DSS-compliant payments from AMEX, Discover, MasterCard and VISA credit (and debit) cards.

PAYYAP is free and instant, to download and activate.

To take a payment, merchants (PAYYAP users) simply enter the name, amount, and telephone number of the person from whom they wish to take a payment (e.g., the customer).  That’s it!  PAYYAP initiates an automated, voice-driven call to the customer.

The customer does not need PAYYAP to complete the payment.

The customer receives a normal telephone call, and completes a standard, automated, voice-driven payment over the telephone.

The result is an efficient app-driven payment service that gets people paid in "real-time".  PAYYAP - The Payments Appâ„¢ is compatible with all iOS and Android mobile devices and is now available for free download from Google Play, iTunes, and Amazon.

App Highlights (Value to Individuals / Business):

-    100% PCI/DSS-compliant.
-    No monthly, annual or recurring maintenance fees of any kind.
-    No dongles, swipers, or hardware plugins required!
-    "Real-time" payment completion.
-    Recorded voice authorizations are captured, (per payment) to reduce fraud & disputes.
-    Cheaper than Squareâ„¢.
-    Faster (and easier) than PayPalâ„¢.

Additional Highlights (Value to Customers):

-    No desktop / laptop / tablet required
-    No internet required / no Apps to download.
-    Automated telephone call is familiar and free.
-    Payment is quickly completed by speaking to an automated operator (or by using the telephone keypad).

“Recognizing that mobile commerce is expected to grow 200% faster than e-commerce in 2017, services processing higher-value transactions will be key,” Shea Writer says.  “First to deliver swift and secure consumer payments via the 8th channel, PAYYAP will help drive this growth.”

PAYYAP -- The Payments Appâ„¢

Now available for all iPhone, iPad and Android devices:



PAYYAP LLC is a New-York based financial services company specializing in "8th Channel” payment solutions.

Email Contact:  [email protected]
Telephone Contact:  +1 347 201 4847

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