United Kingdom; 18, April 2015: Turfs are available in various materials and for different purposes. They not only decorate your laws or sports fields but can add the touch of elegance to compliment your premises. When looking forward to buy a particular kind of Turf for a specific purpose, it is advised that people consult the experts and experienced manufacturers. With the help of the professionals people can be sure about buying the best possible turf for their lawns with their quality turf supplies. There are a range of companies which are among the popular turf suppliers in UK. One of them which has been in the business for several decades are Paynes Turf.

The company offers its turfs for sale through its stores in London and adjoining areas. It also offers the customers and option to buy its products through the online store. Being in the industry for a long time now, the company has built a strong reputation among the leading turf suppliers London. The company manufactures both artificial and natural turfs which are not only appealing but also eco-friendly in nature. The customized turfs as per the needs for different households make sure that the turfs compliment the house and enhance the beauty within. The company carefully deploys scheduled seeding programs to ensure that they have enough stocks to cater to customer around the year.

The turf rolls come with regular mowing, spraying, rolling, irrigation and feeding services from the experts of the company. These services ensure that thick weed stays away from your lawn and it remains green and consistent throughout the year. The company has its own fleet of vehicles which caters to clients across the country. Be it services as Turf Suppliers Essex or in any other region, the company offers a quick and strong backup. Moreover, the online communication system and shop has made ordering a simple and convenient process for customers which could be used around the clock.

In case customers have any queries related to the services and kind of products which the company features, they could get in touch with the representatives through the helpline numbers. However, the site already has a lot of information and relevant details in relation to the products and services they offer. The product range includes Premium Grade Turf, Pro Sports Turf, Wood Bark, 6mm Fine Loam, Premium Blended loam, Soil Improver, and High quality grass seed. Customers would also be delighted to know that the company has certification from some of the notable bodies such as British Association of Landscape Industries, HTA, TGA, etc.

About Paynes Turf:


Paynes Turf is a company which deals in a vast range of artificial and natural turfs that is offered to customers across the UK. The company offers its products through its online as well as offline stores.

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