United Kingdom; 08, April 2015: Maintaining a good looking farm or making a green sports area requires a lot of efforts and experience. It is not possible for every individual to do it themselves which is why there has been a steep rise in popularity of experienced turf growers. However, the market has been there since several decades. Several turf suppliers London have been catering to the needs of customers across the region. One such company which has been operating in the industry in the field of making turfs are Paynes Turf. The company is a family owned business and specializes in cultivation of a variety of turfs for farms in Essex and Suffolk. It includes Premium Grade Turf as well as Pro Sports Turf. The company also offers a range of Border Bark, grass seed, pest control products, lawn care, and a range of associated services. 

The Paynes turfs are grown through seed mixtures by using top STRI cultivators which result in germination, disease resistance, and good establishment. The experts and experienced members of the company together make sure that they carefully seeding programmes for ensuring availability across the year. Their processes include regular mowing, spraying, rolling, irrigating and feeding the soil for ensuring that thick weed free dark green sward remains consistently across the year. Additionally, the company has its own fleet of vehicles which enables them in delivering turfs, border barks, and topsoil across UK. The reach and availablitbiy of their services and the exceptional backup has contributed highly in their established reputation as topsoil suppliers. Customers can also buy turf online through their website, which means they need not travel to get buy and bring the turf to their homes themselves. 

To know more about their products and services, customers can visit their website and check the range of products they have on offer. Starting from turf rolls to other turf supplies, they are a complete store for almost every need. Besides being present in London and adjoining areas, they are also well known as Turf Suppliers Essex. The company has been accredited by British Association of Landscape Industries, Turfgrass Growers Assoiation, STRI, and a range of other reputed certifying bodies. The online store can be used to book orders and payments can be made using any of the preferred payment options from the website itself. 

About Paynes Turf: 


Paynes Turf is a family run business where the company is involved in making of topsoil and turfs for customers across UK. Their products are available for sale through their online store and customers can select from a vast range of turfs from the available options. The company has an experience of 40 years which makes them among the most reputed companies in UK.