Whether Your Business Needs to Get More Phone Calls for Attorneys, General Contractors, Taxes, Drug Treatment or Real Estate, Pay Per Call Advertising is Here

Laurel, VA – Meta Digital Marketing LLC is currently in a full launch of their exclusive Pay Per Call Marketing services. The central hub for these services will be https://MetaPayPerCall.com . Local businesses and marketing companies across the country will now have access to the most exciting and promising marketing services available today.

Most businesses rely on a constant stream of phone calls to maintain and increase revenue. There are a myriad of marketing methods to reach that end. From traditional advertising such as direct mail, TV, radio and yellow directories to more modern forms of advertising that include pay per click, social media and YouTube ads. The Meta Pay Per Call services have been designed to streamline the complicated processes involved with creating a marketing campaign based on these various outlets and just focus on giving the business owner exactly what they want; Qualified phone calls from new clients and customers.

“Our goal is to create long term marketing relationships with our clients by providing them with high quality calls from customers every day,” says Jay Payton, VP of Client Relations at Meta Digital Marketing LLC. “We are here to work with our clients to deliver live, direct phone calls from consumers looking for their exact services at the exact moment they’re ready to make a buying decision.”

How does Meta Pay Per Call deliver these calls? By creating highly optimized, hyper-local mobile marketing campaigns, the company is able to tap into the vast customer pool consisting of the millions of people searching for products and services directly from their smartphones and mobile devices everyday. Thereby, when a person takes the action to call from an advertisement on their cell phone, a business owner can be sure that most of these calls are qualified and ready to purchase or visit the business.

Payton continues, “There are just so many benefits for both consumers and business owners with Pay Per Call Marketing. The business owner doesn’t have to worry about SEO, or pay per click or to wonder if their print ads are working. All they have to do is answer the phone, help the client on the other end of the line and close the sale.”

About Meta Digital Marketing LLC

The team that works on the Meta Pay Per Call marketing services have been building mobile optimized local marketing campaigns for several years. The team has been working behind the scenes with major advertising companies and providing white label services to deliver high quality calls to their clients. The new division and website, https://MetaPayPerCall.com, of the company was formed to offer these services direct to local business owners and national lead generation companies as a simplified service for direct phone calls to business owners.

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