April 02, 2013 – Currently, lawsuits are being filed against Paxil because plaintiffs are chasing popular drug company GlaxoSmithKline, manufacturer and distributor of the notorious anti-depressant drug Paroxetine, popularly known as Paxil, in what seems to be a controversial drug related lawsuit. For women who were prescribed the drug while pregnant, causing birth defects to their newborn, being able to effectively file a lawsuit against the company has become their main goal for this year.

For this reason, PaxilBirthDefectsNews.com, a leading consumer website that was created to help victims of birth defects, is now offering their services and renewing their commitment to help victims determine if they have a case.

They aim to answer some of the biggest challenges plaintiffs will encounter if they choose to sue the multimillion dollar drug company, which as expected, will have a strong legal representation. However, according to an article published by *Pharmalot.com back in 2010, the odds of winning a Paxil birth defect lawsuit is high, provided that the plaintiff has a strong case:

“Glaxo is settling nearly 200 lawsuits that charged its Paxil antidepressant caused birth defects, although the amounts were not disclosed, The Legal Intelligencer reports. The move comes after a Pennsylvania state court jury last October awarded a woman $2.5 million in damages for failing to properly warn docs and pregnant women about the risks of the antidepressant.” – Pharmalot.com, from their article ‘Glaxo Settles Nearly 200 Paxil Birth Defect Lawsuits’

Also, in another **report by LawyersAndSettlements.com, they found that a study from Sweden showed that women who were taking Paxil had twice the number of birth defects, particularly malformations in the chambers of the heart, compared to those who were taking other anti-depressants. This is why woman whose child suffered Paxil birth defects can file a lawsuit once they establish that they have a strong legal ground; and this is precisely what the free case evaluations offered by PaxilBirthDefectsNews.com can determine.

According to the Paxil Birth Defects News website, many women in the United States were prescribed the drug by their doctor and took it without question, not aware of the serious side effects it could do for their unborn child. In one of their articles, the author Patricia Goldwin states:

“Depression, caused by changing hormone levels, is not uncommon in early pregnancy and doctors often prescribe antidepressants to help patients deal with fatigue and other symptoms. Until 2005, most doctors believed that Paxil was safe for use during pregnancy.” – PaxilBirthDefectsNews.com, ‘Paxil Linked to Serious Birth Defect’

Within this context, those who have suffered similar cases and want to confirm if they can file a lawsuit for compensation will need a reputable Paxil lawyer to represent them. The launch of their free case evaluation service, dedicated to help plaintiffs find a suitable attorney, is an option victims of Paxil birth defects should definitely consider.

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