Toronto, Ontario, Canada - But probably you will wish it was. Pauly reports he was briefly an involuntarily tortured, drugged, and hypnotically trained, sleeper assassin.

Pauly reports he was the unwilling subject of a coercive (torture) anti-terrorist interrogation training exercise and MK-ULTRA/Monarch mind control teaching from an American Joint Task Force (JTF) officer to a Joint Task Force Two (JTF2) Canadian officer in late November 2005 with the assistance of the Royal Canada Mounted Police (RCMP.) In his book summary at Indiegogo he displays supportive medical documentation.

Murder of Time is a powerful and brave exposé by Pauly, a Toronto resident, professional, family man, homeowner and an active member of his community. He was told in the van in 2005 that the RCMP had him on their radar since 1997. They considered him a radical. Pauly points out that “torture has always been used to crush dissent in authoritarian regimes,” but prior to this he did not believe it was practiced in Canada, or the USA.

The JTF-JTF2 training exercise ‘Joint Control, Unified Command 2005’ (JC UC ’05) appeared in the Canadian DND JTF2 public annual summary report in early 2006. It described group infiltration and investigating interrogation techniques on domestic soil. Pauly reports there was a group infiltration in this exercise that he witnessed (a support group.)

Pauly reports that after he wrote a tell-all manuscript in 2006 and sent it over the Internet two things happened:

-The public report on the Canadian DND web site on JTF2 2005 summary activities was altered to remove the exercise title and description and replace it with a different title for the exercise with much less specifics in 2007/8

-Pauly had disobeyed his orders not to discuss the event, and was violently coerced into a van and given forced Electro-Convulsive Therapy (ECT) of much higher current/voltage than therapeutic, by the original JTF and RCMP officers, to put a temporary halt to his book publishing effort. Pauly reports permanent memory deficits that continue to hamper his career in technology and even daily living.

In 2007, Pauly reports he was again abducted by the JTF officer (with accomplices) and flown about 1.5 hours from Toronto. The humidity and geography were different he reports. He believed he was in America since the accomplices had American accents. Pauly reports he was tortured to force him to dissociate to a personality ‘alter’, and given Scopolamine so he could not resist carrying out the termination program inserted in the 2005 mind control training demonstration. An innocent was dispatched, but Pauly makes a case the JTF controller is responsible (who currently is believed to work out of the Toronto US Consulate.)

Pauly goes into detail explaining the steps to create a sleeper assassin, based on his own experience. He explains that once dissociated through torture and specifically ‘anti-conditioning’ (a term he explains), the resulting ‘alter’ personality is programmed by being forced to repeat deadly hypnotic post-suggestions, including a priority suggestion to never remember he post-hypnotic suggestion until specific triggers are present in the environment.

When the dissociation state is exited the dominant, normal personality returns and there is no memory of what happened, for years, until the specific triggers are present. Its called missing time.

During the actual operation/exercise of the assassin, in addition to being tortured to dissociate to an ‘alter’, Scopolamine is administered as it robs one of free will, and so one’s dissociated alter personality cannot resist carrying out a lethal program that goes against every moral fiber in their body. After the killing they are caught with blood on their hands, with no memory of their programming, or the controllers, and the real (government) doers are never discovered or punished.

Based on his religious upbringing and strong morals, Pauly asserts virtually anyone could be turned into a sleeper assassin.

Pauly makes a strong case that there a likely thousands of sleeper-assassins dispersed throughout the political and financial capitals of the world, and rings a wake-up call to have the public advocate to demand the cessation of this destabilization of democracy at the hands of shadowy intelligence-agency/military controllers.

In Murder of Time, Pauly claims that the knowledge learned on MK-ULTRA/Monarch mind control experiments on Canadians like him have almost certainly been used in the many mass murders in the USA in recent years by individuals who appear to have numerous signs of being mind-controlled, slave-assassins, e.g. eyewitness reports of the shooters having “expressionless faces, a drugged look, and even trance-like.” He points out the dilated pupils of the Batman theater shooter in court suggests he was on Scopolamine. His lack of memory of the shooting event also is an indicator.

Pauly reports his career has been meddled with in the last three years, which he reports is standard CIA technique to make a whistleblower more desperate, poor, and less credible.

Pauly reports that a June, 2014 experiment of testing an aerosol fog of Scopolamine on him was the last straw. He reports being gassed is even more degrading than torture. He now risks his life exposing this to save many other lives. However, after the gassing, his doctor has ordered him to not work, and so funds are required to complete this very important project with significant ramifications to our democracies.

In an attempt to raise $25,000 to complete the book, he has launched an Indiegogo campaign “MK-ULTRA Exposed by a Current Canadian Victim” under the Politics category. The page can be viewed at and the quite detailed book summary can be navigated to by pressing ‘Read Story’

Donations of any amount are welcome. For a $15 pledge, backers can receive a download copy of the book once its ready for publication.

For further information about Murder of Time, including Pauly’s detailed descriptions of MK-ULTRA experiments, beyond mind control, visit . He can be reached directly at [email protected]

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