How much are you willing to spend on partying? Probably a lot. But are you sure that you are spending money where you should? You may think that there's not so much to think when partying is the ultimate objective - after all, if everyone has fun then the party is successful, isn't it? But would you mind if you are told that you can take your party to a whole new level for a highly reasonable rate? Opt for a party bus rental or reserve stretch limousine and add stars to your party. As far as your group is concerned, they will not be less than delighted when you present a party bus or a stretch limo to them and ask them to come aboard.


SLA - Starlight Luxury Transportation Association is our warmest recommendation for quality rental services in USA. One can rent limousines, yachts, boats, private planes and helicopters, in every state for any type of event requiring this. SLA’s services are much more comprehensive than this, extending to catering for weddings, preparing the food, beverages and flower arrangements, taking the photos and filming the event which will stay in everyone’s memories. Best of all, with SLA you can book your own party entertainment. You can also book for concerts, wedding parties, private events, proms and graduations amongst numerous listed performers and artists, bands, musicians, singers, vocalists, dancers and models, actors, hypnotists and comedians. StarBook is a directory free to use, making SLA an incredibly useful online resource for parties and events in need of planning and stylish preparations.


You may feel that a lot of money needs to be spent when you opt for a party bus rental or reserve stretch limousine. You are not wrong to think this way. Both these vehicles are usually associated with the rich people. But then, the rich people buy their own party buses and limos and you are not being told to do that. There are agencies that rent these vehicles out and their rates are fairly economical. Even a top rated rental agency like SLA (Starlight Luxury Transportation Association) doesn't charge you a bomb when you rent these vehicles from them. Booking your party bus or limo can be done online and you will have a most attractive vehicle waiting for you at the appointed time. And then the fun will begin.


When you opt for a party bus rental or reserve stretch limousine, you add a notch or two to your party. Actually no one in your group would expect such kinds of vehicles and when they see that you have made this arrangement for them, imagine the joy they would go through. These buses and limos are extremely luxurious and they make you feel on top of the world. The outsides are well-maintained and the interiors are super special. There is ample space available for your group after accounting for the entertainment options that are available onboard. What you need to decide is whether you should hire a party bus or a stretch limo but making this decision is simple - if you have five to six people then a stretch limo is good and if you have about 10 guests, then go for a party bus or opt for a 14 passenger Wedding Limousine or a 19 passenger Super Stretch SUV Limo (the newest on the market!)


Choose a party bus rental or reserve stretch limousine and see how the people on the roads react. It is given that people will turn around to have a look. Can you imagine your pride at this moment? Many people book these vehicles because of the status symbol associated with them and even you can do that.


When you decide to opt for a party bus rental or reserve stretch limousine, ensure you deal with a top ranked agency. SLA would be able to service your requirement and provide you with the most luxurious vehicles.

Opt for party bus rental or reserve stretch limousine with StarlightInc and party like you have never before. Make sure you plan your travel and party well before with StarBook.