From Snow White to Cinderella and Princess Grace to Princess Kate, generations of little girls, all around the world, have dreamed of being royalty. Parties on a princess theme are not new, but the rise of social networks like Pinterest and Instagram have fueled a do-it-yourself trend that have parents everywhere scrambling to create the ultimate event, fit for the mini-royal in their lives. Coming to the rescue, Party Feathers is happy to make princess-theme parties a snap with their new line of princess boas.

Princess boas from Party Feathers are not only the most cost-effective choice; they are the most kid-friendly, too. Miniature versions of the wildly popular chandelle feather boas, as seen at , these accessories are designed exclusively with children in mind. Party Feathers carries an extensive assortment of princess boas, found at , in a variety of colors, from candy pink to lemon drop yellow. An ideal way to glam up tea parties, birthday parties, holiday events, and fundraisers, Party Feathers’ princess boas can easily be ordered online, and all orders over $50 qualify for free shipping. Party Feathers also specializes in the largest collection of feather accessories for adults, including masquerade masks, feather wings, ostrich boas, and marabou boas, viewable at

Party Feathers has the massive inventory, hassle-free online ordering, and unbeatable pricing to delight any partygoer, from a child to a child at heart.

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Party Feathers has been the industry leader in feather fashion accessories for over 10 years. With competitive pricing and easy online ordering, Party Feathers carries a collection of feather boas, masquerade masks, feather wings, and party planning accessories to make every occasion a glamorous one.

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