Custom-made, custom-crafted plantation shutters by New View Blinds and Shutters in Colorado are a wonderful addition to any home decor. They offer a beauty and richness that is not worthy of comparison to any other window covering.

The quality and value of their Colorado built plantation shutters are unsurpassed! Because they are made for the tough high altitude conditions of Parker, Colorado, they will not yellow, warp, split, or crack. New View's Window Shutters pricing is as good, or even better than Chinese made interior shutters.

They offer composite Shutters that merge the warm appearance and richness of real wooden shutters, but are more economical. They are available in solid paint colors in individual panel sizes up to 30" wide. produced from a certain wood composite material, New View's Colorado built shutters are impossible to distinguish from hard wood plantation shutters.

Due to its beautiful grain, great staining properties, New View's Basswood shutters can be finished with a rich palette of paints and stains. Basswood's combination of strength and light weight has made it a marvelous material for the manufacture of wooden window shutters in Parker, Colorado, at an exceedingly reasonable price. They can be built into specialty shapes in single panel sizes up to 40" wide.

Alder has become one of the most desirable woods for home trim and furniture, now you may have exquisite Alder plantation shutters to match. Knotty and Select Alder shutters are the most uniquely beautiful window fahions available in Parker, Colorado. They may be made with or without knots, also in individual panels up to 40" wide. New Views' Alder Wood plantation shutters are knowingly meant to be rustic and beautiful at the same time. a multitude of characteristics of these plantation shutters , such as flat grain, rough spots, grain inconsistencies, mineral streaks, open knots, etc., are desirable traits that make these shutters exceedingly unique from other wood plantation shutters and add to their overall attraction. Alder interior Shutters are surely the top of the line!

All home window shutters have 1-1/8 inch thick rails, not 7/8" like lots of other home window shutters. This means they are more dimensionally stable - they will not bow, warp, or crack. New View's plantation shutters provide some of the top insulating values of any window products and do a wonderful job blocking noise. They will not yellow with solar exposure such as many low quality window shutters.

. Custom fabricated and hand crafted to order
. Made in Colorado
. Coated with a high quality UV inhibitor finish
. Custom color matching available
. Traditional 3 1/2" & 4 1/2" elliptically shaped louver profile for a sizable "Plantation Shutter" look
. Inside or outside mount framing options available to ensure correct appearance and fit for your windows
. Overhead track available for sliding glass doors, room dividers, or very broad windows
. Most frames are pre-assembled prior to finishing, so there are no bad-looking gaps where the frame rails come together
. Manufacturer's Limited Lifetime Warranty

New View's interior Shutters offer an enduring, custom-crafted, classic look that are handsome in any home or office. Their shutters are manufactured and finished in Colorado, USA and unlike import shutters; they are specifically made for a brutal high altitude climate. Because of that, these window shutters will provide a long life anywhere. Home window shutters are the only window treatments that will add market price to the appraisal of your house. These shutters should be considered discriminating furniture for your windows. The plantation shutters they have are highly crafted, tasteful and long-lasting. New View's home window shutters are positively a lifetime product.

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