June 28, 2013: Study shows that infants up to the age of 5 years are very crucial for mental development. Parental guidance and the environment around them play a very important role in helping the infant to grow mentally. It is the duty of the parents to provide them with educational toys that will not just entertain them but also to teach them. 

Colors play a very important role at the early stages of development. It is advised to provide children with a wide variety of colors in their toys collection. Make sure that the infant has access to all the colors. Most parents tend to select only the bright colored toys. While bright colors are most preferred by children, they should be exposed to all colors that include the dark ones as well. 

The next important thing to consider while buying toys is the shape. After colors, infants respond actively to shapes. As a matter of fact, shapes are the second thing a newborn baby starts recognizing after color. Just as it is in color, shapes should also be varied. However, sharp edged toys should be avoided at any cost. For toddlers, avoid buying small toys that can fit into their mouth. This could cause choking and possibly even death. 

Price should not be a matter when buying toys. You can get equally entertaining and educative toys at the cheaper stores or even the thrift shop. Even the things at home are enough to provide as toys for the kids. For example, a bucket and two spoons can easily act as drums. This could also help in developing the imaginative power of the child. 

Second hand toys are also a great way to save some cash. There are numerous online stores that sell second hand toys. You can also sell the toys that your child has outgrown. To get more information please go to http://www.mamaplaats.nl/speelgoed/ 

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