Pamper your Skin this winter by going Natural

Winter, one of the most awaited seasons of the year is here. Hot coffee, bon fire, basking in the sun, winter brings its own kinds of merriment. The cozy season brings with it special moments and reminds us of some of the most special moments spent with our loved one! But along with all the fun, it brings in some complexities too! The chilly wind and the dry weather often makes our skin not feeling at its soft, smooth and irresistible best! That’s when you need to give it care, pamper and naturally renew the softness of your skin — leaving it feeling delightfully smooth and an invitation to touch!

Some tips to re-discover irresistible skin this winter!

  • Moisturizing should be a basic body care regime for winters to replenish the moisture skin loses to the harsh weather.  Coconut based moisturizers work wonders for the skin as they protect the skin barriers and lock in moisture from escaping the skin’s surface! The result is skin that’s naturally soft, through the day!
  • Take a lukewarm bath daily and include a few drops of coconut oil to bathing water, this works excellent on your skin by keeping it moist and soft throughout the day. Natural oils are necessary ingredient for the skin in winters and renewing softness in the harshness of seasons.
  • Take good care of your hands and feet especially as it may get severely damaged because of the season. Moisturising your hands and feet at least twice a day is very important. Also use gloves while you are doing daily house chores.
  • Avoid using harsh soaps, shampoos and shower gels can furthermore deteriorate and dry the skin tone. Do away with drying products and use mild ones which allow moisture to retain in the skin.
  • Your skin does not depend only on the external applications but also on the intake of food; it is important to have nutritious food and keep yourself well hydrated by having lots of water and fruits like melons, watermelons, oranges and squashes to maintain your moisture balance.
  • Use sunscreen too as it is not just for summer; winter sun along with its snow glare can equally damage your skin.
  • Use home-made mask for skin during this winter such as - Mix yogurt with grounded almonds and coconut milk, then apply the mixture on your face. Wash it off with lukewarm water, after twenty minutes. Blend avocado with a few drops of coconut oil and apply the mixture all over your body, before taking bath. Wash it off after twenty minutes and then take a bath. Your skin will feel fresh and good as new.


This winter, let your skin be at its gorgeous, delightful best!




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