One of the advanced ways to get a hairless bikini body is the pain free laser treatment. Most of the dermatologists prefer it as it enables them to remove unwanted hairs from their client’s body in an easy and quick way. The clinics who have gained reputation in performing 3d lipo can definitely carry out the painless laser hair removal on the client. All you have to do before investing money in the treatment is to gather as much information as you can about both the treatment and the clinic you have selected.

From the name, pain free laser hair removal, it is quite clear that the entire procedure can be carried out without making the patient feel uncomfortable for a single moment. In this procedure, the targeted hair follicles are heated up with the pulses of infra-red diode laser energy. Hair follicles that are targeted are present in the sub-dermal layer of the skin. Targeted follicles absorb the laser energy which causes their death ultimately. Irrespective of the gender, the process acts wonderfully.

Unlike other aesthetic hair removal techniques, the process can be safely carried out on almost everyone without taking into consideration their types and colour of the skin and hair. To get full benefit, the patient, however, has to undergo more than one session. The duration of each session is not long and the person can resume to his daily activities after the completion of each session. Though it, generally, produces no downsides but if you feel any kind of irritation in your skin or such other problems, then you shouldn’t delay in contacting your dermatologist.

You may think that how this entire procedure has been made painless. Well, you should know that this technique works on the in-motion principle. Earlier, the hair follicles are targeted individually and thus the patients had to experience intolerable pain. This method, on the contrary, is applied to a large area repeatedly with low level of energy to deactivate the hair follicles by burning them up. This minimal and sequential heat transmission to the tissues surrounding the follicles minimizes the pain by creating a balance between efficiency and pain. Apart from being a painless procedure, this treatment also eliminates the use of anaesthetic creams.

Most of the treatments even the ND Yag that is done to give people a beautiful skin compels the people to follow the post-op instructions strictly. But, in this case, the person has to use sun protection adequately to maintain the result achieved.

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