Intermediate bulk containers represent perhaps the most cost-effective solution in shipping, at least on short term. Being successful in freight shipping means making the right decisions in all that concerns the shipping process, including packaging. If you want to reduce operational costs within your company, you should use intermediate bulk liquid containers IBC.

How can intermediate bulk containers help you reduce costs while shipping? It’s very simple: these totes are designed to be disposed of once the freight has reached its destination. Therefore, there are no more costs associated with returning the totes. Companies which use metal or plastic totes spend lots of money on these containers, so they must make sure that these are transported back and reconditioned after each shipment. Moreover, metal or plastic totes have to be stored in a warehouse when not used, so this can bring additional costs for companies. But with intermediate bulk liquid containers IBC these expenses are gone. Of course, these boxes can be reused, if one wants to, but most simply dispose of them to avoid re-shopping costs. These totes are not as expensive as metal or plastic containers, so buying them in bulk will bring financial benefits. Furthermore, reconditioning is not necessary with these boxes. While traditional stainless steel containers need to be maintained in good condition in order to be used for a long time, disposable containers are extremely low-maintenance. In fact, they only thing you need to do is set them up, which can be done in less than a minute. Talk about efficiency!

On the short-term, or if you don’t ship freight very often, intermediate bulk liquid containers IBC are the smartest choice. Intermediate bulk containers are designed to make transporters’ tasks easier. Being made out of corrugated and laminated cardboard, they are light and thus can be easily handled. They can cope well with rough handling, thanks to their stable structure, so the freight will always be safely stored in these recipients. In fact, intermediate bulk containers can store liquids safer than traditional containers can, thanks to their special design and features. Spilling and splashing can be completely avoided by using these packaging systems, which cannot always be said about traditional metal containers. These disposable cardboard containers can be sealed tightly and, depending on the type of flexible liquid liners chosen, they can be used for multiple product applications.

By buying intermediate bulk containers, you can increase the productivity in your company. These containers can be set up and prepared for filling in very little time, which means workers will be able to fill the recipients much faster than they would if they used normal metal or plastic drums. More time is saved during filling procedures, which can only be an extra benefit for companies. Your employees will appreciate working with these containers as they’re lighter and easier to operate. You overall productivity will increase if using this packaging system. Convince yourself of the benefits: buy intermediate bulk liquid containers IBC.

Liquids can be safely stored and transported in intermediate bulk liquid containers IBC. Intermediate bulk containers are resistant and reliable.